Update to my earlier thread on converting from LCMS

Some of you may remember the thread I started No doubts about converting from LCMS. That thread took on a life of its own! I just wanted to update this by saying that today I came into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church as did my two teenage daughters. Today was a wonderful day! RCIA was a great experience and yes, I still have no doubts about converting. Today I am Catholic.

yay!! welcome home. you have definitely brightened my day just a little more. congratulations to you and your girls

A big hug on your Welcome Home, there is still so much to do, read and see, I am a Convert now of many years and I still find things to marvel at.
Personally I would recommend the following books apart from a Catholic N/T.
Catholicism for Dummies/ The Church Fathers, the ones I liked were, Clement of Rome,
and Ignatius of Antioch, just my favourite Church Fathers.
Vatican Website is www.vatican.va.
Plus if you can get the Catholic Television station EWTN ( they are also on Radio) great for knowing the faith.
Of course going to Rome and looking at the Vatican, and all of the Church’s is great if one can afford this. Otherwise one can get so much on the Internet. If in Rome you can see the chains in a glass case that the Romans brought St. Paul back to Rome in.

Well done good and Faithful Servant, there is great joy in heaven.
May you always walk with your hand in the Lord’s.
Congratulations once again.

AWESOME! I can’t tell you how much this news brightens my day. Just the good news I needed.

Welcome home!

Welcome home!!! Thanks for sharing this joyous news with us. :slight_smile:

[SIGN]***Welcome into the Catholic Church!***[/SIGN]

Thanks everyone. Love the fireworks!

Hi Mike,

Regardless of the direction the last thread took, I sincerely give thanks to God that you and your family have been received into the Catholic Church, based on your desires and the movement of the Spirit within you.

May you be continually strengthened and blessed through word and sacrament.


I made a similar journey 35 years ago. Welcome home! :clapping:

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