Update to the Free Catholic Apologetics Course: The Defend Your Faith Series

I published a significant update to my apologetics course today. There are now three series in the set where there were previously two. Before today, the two series were Answering Secularists and Answering Protestants. Now, there is an additional series called Defending the Sacraments.

Please feel free to take a look:

The Defend Your Faith Series

As always, the handouts are totally free, and you can use them for personal study or print them out to use in small-groups at your parish or other Catholic location. If you’d like more information on how to use the program, feel free to contact me at my website:

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Comments and criticism are welcome! Can the series be improved? Would you consider teaching it at your parish? Is it difficult to see the use for it? I’d love to know.

Does your course, articles carry Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat?

Thanks for posting! I will definitely recommend this to my friends. I can see them filling these work sheets :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting I will go through them over the coming days :):thumbsup:

These look very interesting. I esp like that they have different ways of looking at things, and exposure to different types of documents, so students also learn research skills :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for putting this all together!

No, they do not. I’d like to someday though.

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