Just wanted to thank eveyone for praying for me about my need for a job. I did get the recreation therapy job working with the elderly Sisters. I start next Wednesday. The biggest plus is because I am starting in Oct. my health benefits will start on 11/1.Yippee and Praise God!:slight_smile:
Because my days away from home will be longer, my kids (adults) and I have decided that the time has come for our 16 year old dog to quietly and peacefully go to sleep. He has arthritis really bad and can’t walk so we have been assisting him for almost 2 years. Knowing that it the right thing to do for him is not making it any easier, so please keep me in your prayers on Tuesday. I’m already tearful every time I think about it. :frowning:


Jesus thank You for providing employment for our friend.
A hug regarding your dog


Praise the Lord for good news and for answering to prayers , but receive many consolations for your old buddy , so sorry that he must pass over on Rainbow Bridge to Heaven .
God bless you and your dear ones , now and forever , Amen


Congrats and blessings ~
Praying for you and your dog; been there…did that :frowning:


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