Hey! :slight_smile: I know it’s been a while since I last updated but a lot has been going on. A whirlwind of doctors and finally finding a physical therapist who finally figured out what is going on. The hysterectomy threw me into menopause. The menopause threw my pelvic floor muscles into a severe state of spasm. (Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.) This is why I had initial relief after the hysterectomy, and why it returned five months later. I’m in physical therapy to work the muscles out of their perpetually contracted state. (Think of a kind of “Charley Horse” that never goes away on its own, but in your pelvic area. :eek:) Anyways I’m actually starting to feel a little pain relief. It’s a chronic condition that will ebb and flow. But at least they know what it is and how to treat it when it is acting up. So some positive news for once! :slight_smile:

Wonderful news! Your friends on the forum have been praying for you.

Yes! We’ve been praying. Wonderful to hear the news.

Wonderful! So happy to hear! :hug3:

Continued prayers for your health & recovery.

Great news!

So very happy to hear this!!! I pray therapy does you wonders and everything gets better from here on! Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Thanks be to God!

Thank you for updating!!! I’m so glad they found the problem and you can now get treatment for it!

Here’s hoping your good days outnumber the bad ones.

That is good news. I was beginning to worry about you!

So glad to hear that!


Thank you for the update. :slight_smile: Hopefully now that they know what it is they can figure out a way to reduce your pain!

Prayers for you!

Hi Convert,

Yes, I agree with garden’s post! :slight_smile:

I truly hope that your pain can be eased, and that you can really start to feel better, and that all of your pain can start to be eased as well.

Sending you love and friendship, and praying for all of the best for you and your DH!

May God bless you and your dear husband! :grouphug: :heart:

Good news! Hope you feel better and better!

Thanks everyone for the continued prayers. :slight_smile: :hug1:

Thanks for the update! I’d actually been away from CAF for a bit but I was still subscribed to the older topic you recently updated. It seems you’re in a better place now. Hopefully that trend will continue! :slight_smile:

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