my dear friends, you all have gotten me through these last couple days,with my son missing,and drug addicted,it really have me from going to pieces,going to the mental ward,but it is third day,i have heard from steven,keeps telling me he’s coming home,i think he wants to but scared. told him the police have been notified,when he left he was with someone who also had relapsed and she gave him her car,to go get more drugs and never came back to get her,so she waited until last nite and called police.im so afraid for his life,i’ve been praying,and now its getting harder to concentrate on anything,please continue to pray for his safety,and that he is lifted up by angels to keep him safe,he doesn’t know what he’s doing.Thank you so very much. GOD love and bless you all.


I am going to say more prayers for Steven right now… Stop your worrying and stand true to the faith. He alone cannot think straight on the drugs but GOD can do the thinking for him… Pray…Just Pray…


Hello bubbie,

Today is the day we remember St. Monica who was praying for her son for about 14 years. Her son converted and changed when she passed away, and he is the famous saint - St. Augustine. I have asked her to intercede for you and your son.

…she [St. Monica] stayed close to her son, praying and fasting for him. In fact, she often stayed much closer than Augustine wanted.

Here is the biography of Saint Monica:

St. Augustine:

God bless.


:gopray2: My heart goes out to you. I pray our Lord give you the strength and peace you need. I pray for the conversion of your son. I ask Saint Monica to intercede for your son. Continue to pray for him. Don’t lose faith. God Bless you and your son.


Dear Jesus, I lift up to bubbie, and Steven. Draw them to Your bosom, and bring them together, bonded by Your love. In Jesus name we pray.


Praying for your son and you that you’ll be strengthen through this difficult moments.


Our Blessed Mother Mary, take this special intention to your son Jesus on behalf of bubbie. The love of God is the greatest love…followed by the love of a mother.


God be with you and your son, Bubbie.



Continued prayers for you and Steven!

~~ the phoenix


bubbie, please keep the faith, download Fr Corapi’s testimony if you need to, he is proof that prayers of the faithful protect the unfaithful.

I will pray for your son. I will write it down, so that I will not forget.

God bless you, my brother in Christ, may God’s peace surround you at this moment in your life.

St. Michael, hit it!


hi friends, well its day six,have’nt heard antthing for two days,he;s never done this before,i always hear from him,i’m so scared,I try and pray,but satan keeps whispering terrible words to me,things i can’t even type,of what has happened to him,i yell out-loud to stay away from me in JESUS name,but those thoughts keep affecting me,I spoke to St. Theresa the little flower as she has showered roses on me in the past,all i can do is wait i guess.Steven had no I.D. on his person so,never mind i can’t let my heart go that way,i spoke tp his wife,who has left him with there three daughters,she hase’nt heard anything either.I usually talk to my three grandaughters daily now I can’t call them,rhey will ask to talk to their father,i dont want to cause them anymore pain this seperation is really hurting them,so thats where things standas of now,Please keep praying for Steven,that he is SAFE,i’m sure he is in great emotional pain,and physicallly not well. If it were not for all of you here i would be lost Thanx again bubbie-dianne


bubbie, sorry I called you brother in Christ oops…


Saint Maximillan Kolbe is the Patron Saints of Addicts. Will keep Steven in prayer. God BLess you.:slight_smile:


thank you for info. on St. max kolbe, I will add him to the saints I’m asking to intercede for me.GOD bless you


I’ll be praying for you and Steven.:gopray2:


I am continuing to pray for you and Steven!!



Pam,I thank you for continuing your prayers for my Steven,i;m trying not to get discouraged,It is day four,since hearing a word,i am just relying on all of you my friends to keep me encouraged,and i;m so gratefull. May GOD bless you in JESUS name Dianne-Bubbie:signofcross:




Thank you Mary ,Steven just called,every ones prayers worked



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