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Hey all,
I’ve been reading Butler’s Lives of the Saints, and I’m a huge fan of how in depth it goes and how it gives us applicable lessons. However, it is very old, so it does not have all the modern saints, such as today’s saint, Pius X. Is there any updated version that has the lives of saints who have been canonized more recently? Thanks!


That is a very good question—ANYBODY?


It would be impossible to list all of the books that are written about saints.

The most complete resource that I have found is

Most of the links will send you to other sources to read more about the particular saint.


Butler was an 18th Century author, he knew nothing about modern saints.

Varagine didn’t know about many of the saints that Butler did in his “Golden Legend” hagiography.

Maybe someone needs to write a new work on this


In my research on saints, I find it’s better to just use the old books for the old saints, and newer books, or better yet Wikipedia, for any saint after about 1800.


I believe they have over 1100 saints written up. You can search by name, feast date, patron status or popularity.



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