Updated list of Churches that will/may start celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass after September 14

Since my old thread was in the now locked Moto Proprio sub-forum, I am creating a new thread listing places that will/may start offering the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite after September 14. Keep in mind that some of this information comes from people posting online, so there is the chance that there may be inaccurate information.

Here is the original thread:


Additions to the list:

From the Catholic Answers Forums:

jstreets from Marine City MI writes

There has been an overwhelming number of people that have asked about it so far. And luckily enough we have a monsignor that lives in town and he said he would be more than happy to say the old form of the mass. This is quite a suprise to me because the Motu Proprio wasn’t even announced at our parish.

Guess my fellow parishoners did their homework.


From Chicago:

We will introduce the traditional Latin Mass on Sunday at 8:30am Mass, beginning on November 11, continuing through November and December at this 8:30am Mass time. In January, 2008, we will decide whether to continue with the Extraordinary Rite at a regularly scheduled Sunday, 8:30am Mass time.


A monthly Mass will start in Rhode Island soon:


A daily Mass will soon be started in the San Diego soon:

In case anyone is interested, there will be a daily Mass, celebrated in the same manner
as in the the Roman Missal of 1962 at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Hillcrest
at the corners of Washington, Polk and Normal Streets, beginning on September 14, 2007, at
12:15PM. Apparently Father Dillard, pastor of St. John’s, has read the letter, and gleaned
from it that his parish can offer that mass, and so they will. Father Rex Defor has been
pleased to be given that task. He will hear confessions at 11:45AM for those in need, and
offer Mass at 12:15PM. There will be daily masses as long as Father Rex Defor is present,
in town, to offer them.

From the comments section of wdtprs.com/blog/2007/08/norms-on-the-motu-proprio-imposed-on-priests-by-the-bp-of-san-diego/#comments


A weekly Mass on Friday will be held at the Mount St. Francis Hermitage in New York.


The Extraordinary Rite will return to Macon, Georgia soon:

If anyone is in the middle Georgia area stay in contact with the pastor at St Josephs church. He is learning to say the mass and wll start a public mass in September, date and time TBA. This church is a large very old church that is beautiful and what ya’ll are used to up north. This will be historic for the diocese of Savanah

This is from a Traditional Latin Mass email list. The title of the post identified the town as Macon.

The Extraordinary Form will be returning to two towns in Missouri:


If anyone has more information about these Masses or news about other churches that will start celebrating the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, please post the news on this thread.

Las Vegas, NV?

I have not heard any news from there.

News from Assumption Grotto in Detroit:

Now, however, that the Holy Father has manifested his will that the Tridentine form of the Roman Rite be granted greater availability, we will avail ourselves of his graciousness and begin to celebrate the older form of the Latin Mass here regularly. My plan is to offer the fullest expression of the splendor of the old Mass, the ‘Solemn High Mass,’ on the very first day of its permitted return, September 14, the Feast of the Holy Cross, for the 7:00 p.m. Mass. Thereafter our Sunday 9:30 Mass will ordinarily be a Tridentine High Mass.

This is from the bulliton quoted in te-deum.blogspot.com/2007/08/fr-perrone-tridentine-mass-at-grotto.html

I don’t have a link to the news story, but a parish in Naples, FL, I believe St. Agnes, will be celebrating it for the early Mass with the FSSP priest who’s being celebrating it in Sarasota.

Thanks. :tiphat: I looked at the FSSP website and there new interactive map lists the Mass times as 8 AM from May to November and 7 AM from November to May.

Another update From Philadelphia:

Good news! I have been informed that Our Lady of Lourdes, Overbrook (Philadephia), in addition to its current Ordinary Use Latin Mass, will begin offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in its Extraordinary Form beginning this fall.


A few more updates.

The Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes in Philadephia will be at 8 AM every Sunday starting on September 16. roamincatholicphiladelphia.blogspot.com/2007/08/lourdes-update.html

Also, the Extraordinary Rite will be celebrated at Saint Lucy’s Parish in Newark, New Jersey. thelatinmassnetwork.org/2007/08/_its_no_surprise_that.html

Here is the church website:saintlucy.net/home.ht

From the August 26, 2007 column of the Weekly Detroit / Windsor Tridentine Community News:

Starting on October 28, 2007, the 10:30 AM Mass at St. Joseph
Church on the fourth Sunday of each month will be a Tridentine
Missa Cantata, just like St. Josaphat and Assumption’s Masses


I dont have a news link to this story, but the Archbishop of Dublin has granted permission to the LMSI to hold a daily mass in Harrington Street, but the Sunday mass will still be in St Audeon’s

Any news of Churchs in Georgia?

Here is a listing of Tridentine Masses in the US which is posted by Mater Dei Latin Mass Community in Dallas Texas. I think it must be accurate because it lists the Mass which I attend here in Brooklyn at Our Lady of Peace.



I have heard the the Church of St. Joseph in Macon, Georgia will start celebrating the Extraordinary Rite soon. The second post on this thread has more information. If I hear any more information from Georgia in the near future, I will post it.

Here are a few more updates.

From unavocela.org/

The good news for now is that beginning in September, we will have a third Sunday Mass at St. Therese Church in Alhambra [California] at 1:00 P.M

The Extraordinary Rite will be celebrated at Saint Anthony’s Church in New Bedford, Massachusetts on the first Saturday of every month.

The Traditional Latin Mass will be celebrate at St. Joseph Church in Burgaw, NC on Sundays at 4:30PM.

The Traditional latin Mass will be celebrated every Sunday at St. Peter Roman Catholic Church Merchantville, NJ.

See the bulletin section of the church website. stpeterrcc.com/index.htm

From the Mass times section of St. Thomas More Church in San Francisco (last updated August 29, 2007).

Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Sunday Vigil in English
Saturday, 7:30 p.m. Sunday Vigil in Portuguese for the Brazilian Community
Sunday, 10:00 a.m. English
Sunday, 11:45 a.m. Arabic & English
Sunday, 5:30 p.m. Latin Tridentine Mass (coming soon)
Sunday, 8:00 p.m. English


It is confirmed that the Extraordinary Rite will be celebrate weekly at the University of Notre Dame.


I am glad to hear that.:slight_smile:

Reading the list of new opportunities, I can’t help smile and thank God for all of this.

:slight_smile: I hope it’s ok if I post this; Saint Michael’s Chapel in Bethany, Oklahoma has been celebrating the TLM all along,…and will continue to do so, once a day Mon-Sat, and twice on Sunday.

A few more locations:

Daily Mass will be celebrated in Toronto starting September 17.

The Traditional Latin Mass will be celebrated every Saturday at Holy Cross Seminary in Cromwell, CT. thenewliturgicalmovement.blogspot.com/2007/09/holy-apostles-seminary.html

A Sunday Mass will be held at the Cathedral in Lake Charles, LA every Sunday at 2 PM starting in October. This information is from the CTNGreg email list.

It has been confirmed that my parish St Matthew in Dix Hills NY will be celebrating a weekly Sunday Tridentine Mass at 9:00 AM in the parish chapel beginning September 16th. :smiley:


There will be a lot for you to learn. I still haven’t got the hang of it after a month of attending both High and Low Masses regularly. Reading books doesn’t seem to help either. Just keeping my Missal abreast with what is going on up at the alter is a full time job, plus recognizing the Gregorian Chant takes time. It’s a real workout compared with the NO Mass that we have memorized. The beauty of the Tridentine High Mass is worth the extra effort.

Sometimes the Low mass is cut short without the Hail Mary, Hail Holy Queen, Intercession, or Saint Michael. I call it Low Mass Express. I don’t get lost during the Express version, but High Mass will take me a while.


There will be “private” masses offered, available to be attended by the laity who request it, at St. Vincent Basilica in Latrobe, PA. The laity can be made aware of these private masses, which will not be publicly announced or scheduled, by becoming part of the email list operated by St. Vincent Students for the Classical Roman Rite: stvincentlatinmass.com


Just Announced today by Fr. Deighan that starting from Monday 17th September, the TLM will be held in St Kevin’s Church, Harrington Street. Mass will be at 8.00 am from Monday to Friday and 9.00 am on Saturday. Sunday mass will be at 10.30 in St Audeon’s Church, High Street.
In Nomine Christi

I just posted this on another thread, but, my church St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Pismo Beach, CA, will have the TLM starting very soon. We don’t have a date yet because the bishop only asked Father if we could have it about a week ago. We could start as early as next Sunday, but scheduling has to be worked out first. Father says that we probably will have it every Sunday, which is exciting. I will post with the schedule when I have it.

At Sts. Peter and Paul parish in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, Fr. Stephen Hamilton will celebrate his first TLM at 6 P.M. on September 14. The priest at our TLM chapel has been helping him learn the Latin Mass and Fr. Hamilton’s first Mass will be a Solemn High Mass. The altar boys and choir from St. Michael’s Chapel in Bethany, Oklahoma will assist Fr. Hamilton in his first TLM as will the pastor of St. Michael’s, Fr. Remski.

It will be a public mass, so everyone in western Oklahoma is invited to assist Fr. Hamilton at this joyous occasion. As Father said, the Mass will be competing against high school football, so in Oklahoma it makes it hard to schedule anything during a football game.

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