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Pray that He may send to His Church priests after His own heart, who will walk the same road you trod while you were on earth. O saintly priests, you know full well the importance and necessity of having holy priests in the Church of Christ. It is the most ardent longing of all true Christians who are animated with the love of God and the zeal for His Church.” ~St. John Eudes to the great Priest Saints of the Church.



Every Monday afternoon several ladies come to my home to pray the Scriptural Rosary, special prayers for priests, the Litany of our Blessed Mother, other prayers, and including a quiet time of about five minutes while a sacred song is played on a CD. This lasts for an hour, and then we have a social time of about one half- hour.

This has been going on for almost twenty years.


That is great, beautiful and VERY much needed. Thanks for sharing. God Bless Y’all!











Time must be growing pretty close for you and the other men here to begin Seminary studies. KNOW that you are being prayed for, thought about and given to God for His will to be done in your lives. Take it one day or even one hour at a time if you have to. Father-Son-Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, All Holy Saints and Angels surround YoungApologist3 and any other men here who are entering the Seminary soon and protect them from satan and all his evil ways. Give them the graces they need for this amazing next chapter of their lives. Give them the right hearts, minds and souls needed to go through each and every step of Seminary formation. Help them with their doubts, fears, failings and faults. Help them to ask when they need to, listen when they need to, observe when they need to, go off in silence when they need to, be willing to change when they need to and at all times be able to TURN TO YOU LORD and Your Mother Mary for anything they need. Keep them close to you Dear Father as they work and strive to become Priests in your One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. Every blessing and grace to each of them.




I couldn’t find whether any one had raised this but will you have debt after going to college?

If so, are your parents and you aware that some orders and diocese in the US prefer debt free candidates? There are organisations that help you fundraise with private donors to pay off college debt.

https://labouresociety.org/ helps those considering religious life with their debt.


:pray: :pray: :pray: PRAYING for Y’all!



Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and keeping this thread active. The past few days have been very hectic. If you have sent something to me, and I haven’t gotten back to you yet, please forgive me; I will get to you when I’m able.


Totally understand. You tend to what you need to tend to and we’ll still be here.


Every blessing and grace to you and all Seminarians here starting their studies soon. Know that you are thought of and given to God in prayer each and every day.


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