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Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory be

For ALL Seminarians that are on their journey to becoming good holy devout truth-filled Priests in the Catholic Church. May Our Lord grant you every blessing and grace possible and needed to do so. Father Son Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and Angels please surround and protect all clergy, Seminarians, those discerning, All religious Brothers and Sisters from satan and all his evil ways.

St. John Vianney Pray for all the men who are giving up everything to be Priests in our Catholic Church.


“I Will Follow”


Mary Queen of the Clergy Prayer cards. You can either download and print them yourselves or order them already done. Just wanted to share cause Priests (and Seminarians) need all of the prayers they can get.



KEEP THE FAITH men! Our Catholic Church will be here until the end of time and will need good holy devout Priests who speak the TRUTH! Continuing to pray for all the Seminarians who had posted here and for all Seminarians and Priests throughout the world.






I appreciate that you are willing to post to keep this thread open, but you have posted SO much, that I have completely quit looking at it, and I’m afraid I’ll lose track of the original poster. I know you have good intentions, but if you could scale back to one post per week, it will make it much more obvious when the original poster returns to give us updates.


Well hopefully you and others can post as well on a regular basis so this thread doesn’t end. I am just doing what Young Apologist asked.

Repeating what I answered another poster who mentioned the same thing that you have:
" I’m sorry but I post here so that this thread will not close from non activity after so many days. I asked the op and he said my posts don’t bother him.

He said this in his original post “If it is not against the rules of the forum (I don’t think it is), and the last post to this thread was close to 14 days ago (after which the thread gets locked), please do me, and the others who have an interest in it, a favor and post a response.”



Well said @CajunJoy65. I find your posts very uplifting just for myself and I am in no way looking for a vocation.


I have the same issue as you do. I also tend to ignore this thread when it pops up.

From “desktop mode” you can go to the first post and click on his name. You can then view only his posts to see if he has responded.


I agree entirely. Cajun, keep up the good work!


Thanks for this tip!


Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


In the pages of our Diocesan Magazine after all of the names and photos of all of our Seminarians was this prayer


Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be to all of you and those discerning.


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