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This made me smile. :blush:

Remembering my younger siblings and me, in the kitchen, flattening down slices of bread before cutting them into neat, white “hosts.” Then we marched down to a corner of the basement where we had set up our “altar.” In solemn Latin, we conducted our “mass.”

Later, we played storekeeper, train conductor, teacher, hairdresser, etc. Kids play what they see.


I ran into this testimonial:
Father Toups: A vocation Story
May God bless and guide us.


GOD bless clergy and consecrated religious with every needed grace. Amen!



From the article:
What is interesting about my story is that I was not raised Catholic. My Dad was raised in the United Church of Christ and my Mother was raised as a Baptist. When they married in 1959, they decided that organized religion was not for them…
My dream, ever since I was a little boy, was always to be a Major League baseball player. After attending a public grade school, my parents told me that I could choose between the two Catholic high schools in the area because of their good education and good baseball programs…
Then one day I was at a Mass with only about 20 people present. We were all gathered around the altar during the Eucharistic prayer. And instead of going to the priest for Communion, he began to come to each person and said, “The Body of Christ” as he placed the Eucharist on the tongue. As I opened my mouth to say, “I’m not Catholic,” the priest placed the Eucharist on my tongue before I could get the words out.

At that moment I felt the most powerful presence of Jesus in my body that I had ever felt until that point. I remember thinking, “Now I understand what they have been trying to teach me.” …
If someone offered me a $10 million contract today to play major league baseball and give up the priesthood, I would not do it. There is no price tag I could place on the peace and joy I feel in my heart being a priest for Jesus Christ.


Father Son Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and Angels please surround and protect from satan and all his evil ways ALL Priests (especially my own Parish’s Priest), Consecrated Religious Brothers and Sisters(those communities I especially know of and have associations with), Deacons, Seminarians (especially those in my Diocese and those who post here), Our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all those discerning vocations to and preparing for the Priesthood or Consecrated Religious Life. Amen!


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Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be

for ALL Clergy, Consecrated Religious Brothers and Sisters, Seminarians, ALL discerning Religious vocations and preparing for the Priesthood or Religious Life. Every blessing and grace to them that they need to do God’s will in His service.


DAILY, Unceasingly we must pray for ALL Catholic Clergy, Consecrated Religious Brothers and Sisters, Seminarians and all those discerning a vocation to and preparing for the Priesthood or Religious Life.


Thank you CajunJoy. As a Deacon I appreciate the prayers.



Dear Lord please help all Catholic Clergy and Consecrated Religious with every possible grace to do your will and shepherd your people.


Amen. Especially in this day and age they need each and every one of our prayers more than ever.


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