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Good luck with your Discernment.

god bless you

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May our Lord Jesus Christ inspire many men to be priests.

May our Blessed Mother intercede for their sanctity.

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Blessed Virgin Mary, daughter of the Father, mother of the Son, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, pray for all seminarians. Amen.

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Thank you so much poster of these prayers for Seminarians. What a blessing to be able to pray these daily for them.

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Dear Lord keep them close to you and give them the Grace needed to do Your will.

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A Prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood:

Lord Jesus, you invite us to pray the Lord of the harvest that He send labourers into His harvest.

Lord and God of all , call to the priesthood men on fire with your divine love, who will be the voice of the Good Shepherd to the scattered sheep of the flock.

R. Lord of the harvest, send labourers into your harvest.

Lord and Saviour , bless us with holy priests. Through their ministry may your life-giving presence in the sacraments be always present in your Church.

R. Lord of the harvest, send labourers into your harvest.

Lord and Giver of Life , raise up men filled with your power and with great missionary zeal, so that all who dwell in darkness may come to live in the light of Christ.

R. Lord of the harvest, send labourers into your harvest.

( Pause for silent personal prayer for vocations to the priesthood ).

Lord Jesus, you called chosen men to be with you; to preach the good news of salvation and to have authority over the powers of darkness. Send your Holy Spirit upon the men you have chosen for the priestly ministry. May they answer your call and follow you with generous hearts.



In 2020 and all years following (that God allows) may all Seminarians grow as close to God as possible, do His will and become Holy, Devout, Good, True Priests for our Catholic Church and bring many souls to Heaven. May our Seminaries all over the world be FILLED with good men who become GREAT Priests.




Lord PLEASE grant these men every Grace needed to do Your will and bring as many souls to Heaven as possible. Father. Son. Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and Angels surround them all and protect all Seminarians, Catholic Clergy, Consecrated Religious from Satan and all his evil ways today and always. Amen!

Praying for our priests and seminarians and for those discerning vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Soul of Christ, be my sanctification.
Body of Christ, be my salvation.
Blood of Christ, fill all my veins.
Water of Christ’s side, wash out my stains.
Passion of Christ, my comfort be.
O good Jesus, listen to me.
In Thy wounds I fain would hide,
N’er to be parted from Thy side,
Guard me, should the foe assail me.
Call me when my life shall fail me.
Bid me come to Thee above,
With Thy saints to sing Thy love,
World without end.

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Father PLEASE give them every needed Grace to do Your will and to be the Priests you’ve called them to be.

My daily prayers for them

Just hearing the few stories I’ve heard from Seminarians and those who are now Priests I ask you God to give these men everything they need to become good, holy, devout, true Priests who are always about doing your will and about being the absolute best Shepherds for your people that they can be. We need so many Priests who want to do God’s will and bring as many souls to heaven as possible.

Lord give them every grace they need to do Your will and bring as many souls to heaven as possible

May God bless our priests and our seminarians.


For all Catholic Clergy, Seminarians and Consecrated religious:

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be

God our Father, thank you for calling all Seminarians to prepare for the priesthood. Grant them the grace to grow closer to You through daily prayer. Amen!

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