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Theo 2 hope the talks/thread with the discerners for the Priesthood goes well!


It is. Such a blessing. I ask them to take cold showers to build their will power and one young man said and sleep on the floor.
I copied and pasted the picture of the host you just put up on our message board. Keep praying we have 15 young men.


OH HOW WONDERFUL! I am DEFINITELY offering my daily prayers for all of them and PLEASE tell them they are being prayed for. God bless them and you as well.





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I emailed Fr. Brannen and he appreciated your comments very much. Your comments
will be used to promote the book at the Serra convention!


Wonderful! Iā€™m honored that my words will be used to promote such a wonderful resource! Thank you for forwarding my words to him.







Just had to share!


That is a BEAUTIFUL chalice.



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