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It’s too bad we don’t see this depiction of priests from Hollywood today:

And had to share this adorable picture of my nephew today:


Maybe you can ask the OP to be sure and tag you by name when he responds or to pm you…I know you guys were talking about the seminary stuff.

Just an idea.


What I am if any good is by the Grace of God.


I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.


You make me smile the most - on this forum :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you.


I’m kidding. :wink: I knew that was for Cajun.

I had so much grace over this weekend to prayer for priests with much love. Then I found out on Monday that our diocese was bringing a whole new batch of seminarians into the priesthood that evening!


AWESOME news. Hey you can take my compliments. I don’t want my pride to get out of control.


Turn up the volume as you watch but they do have subtitles because of all of the cheering throughout. GREAT video!


Thank you for sharing this video. It was delightful.


For ALL Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals, ALL discerning a vocation to the Priesthood or Religious Life and for Our One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church:

3 Our Fathers
3 Hail Marys
3Glory Bes
Oh My Jesus


Thanks for posting this Cajun Joy65. I’m looking forward to sharing it. May God bless our priests and our future priests.



With everything going on in the news about certain clergy in certain parts of the World it makes me want to pray even more so for all of them and all they serve in the Catholic Church. Evil has been around since The Fall and it will be around until Our Lord comes again but it doesn’t mean we are hopeless or helpless either. Prayer, Sacrifice and evangelization of our Faith is what we must all do. For SO MANY good holy devout men and women serving Our Lord in His Church daily I am SO THANKFUL. They make Heaven possible for all of us. Without the Faithful Priests and Religious to guide us and help us along this journey and most important to give us the Sacraments, especially Our Lord Himself we would be hopeless. But those UNsung Priests especially who just want to do the will of the Lord are our saving grace many times. Don’t forget that PLEASE. Yes they are human beings with their own faults and flaws but they are called and chosen by God and given His Grace to do His will for all of us. THANK YOU LORD and PLEASE surround and protect all Consecrated Religious but especially our Priests at all levels in the Church. They need Your protection, Your love and Your many Graces to continue the mission you sent them out on. They are who/what keeps us on the road to You Lord. Bless them and help them in their lonliness, their doubts, their weakness and their faults to continue to do what they promised on their day of Ordination. Surround them with Your endless love and protection today and always. Amen!



I’ve posted this elsewhere on the board but I also wanted to post it here so @YoungApologist3 and any other men starting Seminary soon would KNOW they are NOT alone.



Awesome! Thanks!


To live in the midst of the world
without wishing its pleasures;
To be a member of each family,
yet belonging to none;
To share all suffering;
to penetrate all secrets;
To heal all wounds;
to go from men to God
and offer Him their prayers;
To return from God to men
to bring pardon and hope;
To have a heart of fire for Charity,
and a heart of bronze for Chastity
To teach and to pardon,
console and bless always.
My God, what a life;
and it is yours,
O priest of Jesus Christ.



Continuing to check your thread for updates and following your progress. Please pray for me.


"O Jesus, Good Shepherd, give us Priests with hearts like unto thine!"

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