Upon seeing Jesus at the hour of death


What do you think you’re going to do when you die and finally come face to face with Jesus?


An interesting question and I have to ask " would anyone really look Jesus in the eye and say “DUDE’?”

I assume that those seeing Him have been saved, but,to paraphrase from the writings of St. Josemaria Escriva, I will stand, looking in awe, contemplating, immersed in the imensity of his beauty, in a contemplation that will never cease!



Remember though, the angels incessantly gaze upon the face of God, even at the same time as they do their various good works on Earth. The saints also seem to have often been in continuous spiritual adoration of God while actively helping others on Earth. I don’t think contemplation means everything stops. More likely, IMO, we’ll be caught up in both contemplation and God’s creative power, so we’ll be creating, just as the Virgin Mary and St. Therese of Lisieux are creating so much good on Earth, even while adoring and contemplating God forever.

It’s exciting to think about!


We should do what love requires at every moment. At the hour of death when I look into the face of love I will most likely be compelled to do what I have made a habit to do. I will judge myself when I see the face of love. I will act in the way I’ve made a habit of acting in the face of love during my life. Did I make a habit of saying yes to love or no? This will largely determine what will happen. May God have Mercy on me.


Hmm. Well, to be honest… I find this question impossible to answer. So, I didn’t vote in the poll. :o I’m sure that any supposed reaction I could imagine now… will fall entirely short of the eventual reality of meeting Our Lord, Face to face.

Interesting question, though. God bless you.


I guess I’d have to say other, in the spirit of I have no idea. Perhaps I might repent, face to face of all my sins might be one thing.


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