Upset and sickened!

Hi everyone,

I have seen this discussed on other threads but I would like some advice pertaining to a particular situation that I am in.

Basically, I was shopping with a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago and we went into this clothes shop. I spotted this lovely t-shirt that is exactly my style, (three quarter sleeves, and with an outline of a horse on the front). I suppose I didn’t properly look at it but purchased it immediately, and have worn it a couple of times since. Yesterday, my mother suddenly pointed at the horse in the picture and asked “what is that?”. We both stared at the shirt, and
suddenly noticed a tiny cross etched upside down on the horse’s forehead, and a pair of devil horns on his head. I felt totally upset that I could have worn this garment, and sickened at the thought of the amount of clothes with anti christian symbols on fashionable clothes nowadays.

But my dilemma is this… what should I do with the shirt now? I can’t wear it again, but I can’t in all conscience pass it on to any charity collection. And yet it seems wasteful to dispose of it.

I know some people may think I’m overreacting, but I’m not a very good catholic, and any thing I could do not to offend the Lord would soothe my soul.
Any advice is welcome.
God Bless and Happy Christmas!!

I would toss it out in the garbage. But if you are concerned about the “waste”, then turn it into a napkin, or dish towel, or even tear it into several pieces of cloth toilet wipes. :smiley:

U could also just wear it inside out, so the picture doesn’t show. :smiley:

But if it does bother u a lot, I do like the idea of cutting it up and using it as rags or something.

Hi lucymeadhbh,

Try not to be so upset with yourself. You didn’t know.

Do you still have the receipt somewhere where you can return it, if the store will accept it as a return?

Sometimes the stores have short return policies where you only have a few weeks to return something, but some have longer return policies. It depends on the store.

Sometimes the store will give you a store credit if you don’t have the receipt anymore. It might be worth a try trying to return it, if possible, or at least getting an exchange for something else if the store will allow you to do that.

If you really like the shirt and it is comfy, there are craft stores that sell fabric paint. You could buy the necessary color and paint over it. :stuck_out_tongue: I have used this to paint over stains in carpeting with a lot of success. It hardly shows, if you can get the right color.
Change the bad intent of the manufacturer into a good thing.

Can you not try returning it? I am sure the store will take it back and if they refuse leave it there anyway.

I would definitely turn it into a floor rag. (That would make el diablo furious and give God a chuckle perhaps. :))

I actually find myself wondering when I buy an outfit whether it would be a suitable floor rag fabric when I’m done with it anyway. I wear everything till its ready to fall apart and our family seems to require an inordinate store of floor rags for some reason.

I would burn it and then donate the amount I paid for it to feed the hungry, in reparation.

But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Just throw it away and don’t worry about it.

Use it for a cleaning rag.

Father Yozefu Ssemakula who wrote The Healing of Families book tells stories of folks in biz who actually call down a demonic curse on goods before they ship them out to the unsuspecting public. May not be worth keeping the shirt, with or without some kind of applique put on it.

Burn it.

It was an honest mistake on your part. Can you get a refund? If not, use it to line a pet bed or a one time clean up job and toss it.

Some friends bought their daughter a new pair of shoes, only to find that the soles of the shoes had a Cross moulded into it. If she had worn them she would have been walking around stepping on one of the most sacred symbols of our faith.
They took the shoes back and lodged a complaint

Yes, this is what I have heard from many sources. I would recommend against returning the shirt— someone else will just end up with it and why let that happen? It may or may not be cursed, but with the type of shirt it is, I wouldn’t take the chance. I would destroy it.

To the OP, it was unintentional, don’t beat yourself up about it. If you feel bad about it, you can certainly pray an act of contrition and bring it up at your next confession (although it is most certainly not a mortal sin). But I liked the idea that someone posted about making a donation to the poor as a small act of reparation since donating the shirt would be inappropriate.

PS. I would also recommend some spiritual warfare prayers or at the very least the St. Michael prayer.

If you stand upside down then it would just look like a dead horse pinned to the ground with a cross on its forehead. :wink: Don’t let this bring you down. You didn’t know so you didn’t offend God. Just do as the others said and dispose of the top in such a manner that no one else can wear it. You are a good Catholic otherwise you wouldn’t be here asking this question and showing such great concern. God bless you!!

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