Upset at protestant

there was a situation where a protestant could have been able to help me. in my experience they get excited when there is someone in need they can help. i was thinking that this person would at least tell me i would be in her prayers. All she told me was “no, but I hope God helps you.” For a moment I thought I should just forget about it but I got very bothered because I felt like she rejected me because I’m Catholic. I told her that rejecting me and telling me she hopes God will help me sounded ungenuine empty and uncaring and that there could have been something she could have done. I do not know this person personally. Was I wrong? Did I make Catholics look bad?

You don’t give nearly enough information for anyone to really know what could have been done. If you do not know her personally, why would you have expected her to help you? How do you know she is Protestant, and how would she know you are Catholic? What kind of situation was this, and would she even be able to help?

To me, saying I hope God helps you would mean the same as they were praying for me. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but that is exactly how I see that statement. If you honestly told her what you did, I think you over reacted…perhaps dreadfully so. But without a lot more information I can’t really say how badly you over reacted or if you made Catholics as a whole look bad.

Without knowing the specifics I cannot offer an opinion. How do you expect someone to answer you question in generalities?

there is enough information that you can come up with thoughts. why bother posting if youre just going to give attitude? if you cant answer then why post anything?

Don’t get defensive. You are asking a question and seeking help. No one can really give that to you with the information you provided. If you cannot provide more or do not feel comfortable doing so then an internet forum is not the best way to seek advice or counsel. If you just need someone to tell you that you are doing the best you can and are not a bad Catholic then ok. But not much is gained from that. The “attitude” you describe was just me telling you that if you wish to achieve something here, we need more info. Nothing more nothing less. I did not type it to be sassy but rather to help you help others to help you:shrug:

You will need thick skin on the internet.:wink:

Because we are trying to help you out…

No one can offer thoughts on a situation when there are no facts about the situation to form thoughts about. If you want to know someone’s thoughts and opinions then you need to supply enough information for that to be possible. I would be happy to try to help you out if you would let me in on what is going on. Otherwise I’m unable to offer you anything

i’m sorry. i am just very upset because i felt rejected but i guess i dont have a right to be upset about that. so i am really just upset at myself.

Ok, perhaps some time to gather yourself and reflect is in order.
:wink: No worries!

I am reminded of a prayer… forgive us our trespasses…should cover your protestant problem. Also, if you are sick and the doctor can’t cure you do you try to find another doctor or try to convince the first doctor to cure you anyway?

I would not think that you made all Catholics look bad but I would also suggest if there is a next time that you try something different when you respond. When she said she hope God would help you that just might be her way of talking and she might have been hurt by your response, I probably would have been. Perhaps you should be direct and ask for prayers or for someone to pray with you, then I would be surprised if anyone would not accept that request. She may have been uncomfortable for some reason and thought her response would be the best. Try to look for the best in everyone when you have the chance. And while I don’t know you exact intentions I will offer my favorite prayer for them.


REMEMBER, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

I hope you are able to find the help you need, and I would like to help if at all possible. I hope your day gets better.

you obviously have a religious idea – of how catholic 's or non catholics-- supposted to act-- in prayer-- becasue on this forum-- people type the our father or the hail mary-- and believe that is the way you do a good deed–

i would suggest learning to hear what God wants you to pray-- when you pray – 4 someone-- the “prayers of a righteous man avail much” because they are praying what God tells them to pray

4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice" Mark Virkler Pt.1

Sorry it’s difficult to answer. Can you give more specifics about the situation? Did you need help loading groceries in the car or did you need help finding a place to live? Sometimes we are in situations over the heads of other’s ability to help. Maybe if your situation was deeply personal she felt uncomfortable that you confided in her, since you said you don’t even know her personally?

Again, difficult to answer since we don’t know what your needs were so it’s hard to say. Also, since you say you don’t know her I would assume you don’t know much about her prayer life. It’s quite possible that she is distant from God at this time and doesn’t have much of a prayer life, so for her to offer to keep you in her prayers would not have been possible. God bless.

I don’t help everyone who asks me. Well, for one thing, I can’t. I don’t have the money. Day in, day out, there are people up and down town asking for money. If I gave to everyone who asked, I’d be with them at the day asking for myself! Some of them are in legitimate need. Some have problems with alcohol, drugs and more. I no longer feel qualified to know which is which.

I’ve been “had” so many times that often, sadly, I tell most people who ask, especially downtown, “no”. Well, for a time, I was giving to people on the street who had these strange sores, the likes of which I had never seen.

This went on for a time, months or more. Then, there was an article in Yahoo Mexico, where it said there was a new drug out, which they had nicknamed the “poor man’s heroine”. I looked at the sores these people had downtown, and they looked an awful lot like these there.

I once gave a guy money to buy crutches. I went back after a time, no crutches. He was one with the sores, so, in all probability, that money might have been used to support his drug habit!

I once gave people money for their daughter’s school uniform, and it seemed that money got used for a party, instead.

Times I have just given people money, often times later, the people would be in the same hole the next day, anyway, because there was something underlying. People often didn’t know how to manage money, budget, save, work or had problems with alcohol, drugs, something. If I gave to those with drug and alcohol problems, especially, I was doing them a disservice, enabling them to continue on, worsening the situation.

I had a friend who would spend, spend, and spend. We went out together. I paid for her dinner. She bought a new dress right while we were out together. At the time, I was buying my clothes, used, at the local thrift shop.

She had borrowed money from me a time before, told me she’d pay the following month. I think it was only around $20. Anyway, it took more than the agreed-upon month for her to pay me back. She asked for me the next time for more like $40 or $50 US. When I told her “no”, she got furious with me.

Now, there are many reasons people don’t want to help, especially if it’s about lending money.

I’ve gotten “burned” so many times, more times than not, actually, that I have to really know the person and all before I’ll even consider it.

People may not help, even if they are able, because they had a bad experience, like those I mentioned.

Now, it also depends on the relationship one has. I hesitate to ask for money even from my own family. I would try not to ask for money from acquaintances or strangers.

Further, it depends. Once, a former acquaintance of mine asked me for about $200 US. She had also had problems, previously, in her work, got fired due to taking funds out of her employer’s account.

So, I didn’t give this girl any money, but many times, I’ve tried giving. Most of the time, I regretted it, because it backfired.

It makes a big difference the quantity of money someone asks. If someone asks for $5, it’s a big difference than $5,000, for example. Do you see why details are so important on knowing in this situation?

Sometimes, we also might want to give, realize there is a legitimate need, but through our own need (medical bills, etc., etc., etc.) not be in much of a position to give, monetarily, at the time.

I’ve had experiences where I’ve given when friends have asked, only to later realize the only reason these people seemed around me was to receive money. If I once said, “no”, the person would withdraw. Some were also not really grateful.

So, in a nutshell, giving money often can cause problems, especially in friendships, because it creates a kind of dependency which will often being ongoing, creating resentments if the one giving can’t for any reason.

When we ask friends a lot for help, it’s also harder to know what their true motives are. Are they with us for money or friendship?

Throwing money at a problem isn’t always the best solution.

i think she and i resolved it. we apologized to each other.

Well done!
God bless you both.

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