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Recently I came across website that is called Maryisgod. At first I thought it was just another sham but somehow I felt very uneasy looking at their ,evidence’’ (scans etc). I just want to know your opinion on this. How do you think is this just another way that devil tries to deceive us into not trusting the Church and Pope?

Never heard of it, but I did a quick google search and there are numerous articles condemning it. Here’s one:

It’s some dude in the Philippines with crackpot ideas:

I prefer not to post a link to his website.


Why would you give such a website any thought?


I know it’s stupid but I struggle with OCD and such things are making me upset :confused:

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Old Gnostic idea of Mary being the incarnation of the Holy Spirit.

Basically it’s part of the Sophia cult heresy that believed that the Holy Spirit is the feminine person of the Holy Trinity.

Don’t let your OCD bother you it’s all false.


Nie martw się! Bądź szczęśliwy!


Even the web title is a huge red flag, as it is simply false. The web is a sewer of such bilge. Far better to seek out the known true and orthodox sites. Surely EWTN has a link to some.

Are you treating your OCD? Without treatment it becomes the dictator of your life - stealing the peace which God greatly desires you to have.


I try to deal with it but sometimes it’s too much for me and I feel lost. After all I think I should find some help. Thank you for the replay.:innocent:

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You need to talk to a therapist and a Priest in that order. We here aren’t equipped to help you with this.


Dziękuję! Postaram się.


I’m not going to pay any attention to a website called “Mary is God” because the url is blasphemous. Mary wouldn’t want us reading that. She would be the first one to tell you she is not God and that such sites are the devil’s work.


why would you go there? just from the name it is wrong.


Exactly. A good rule of thumb is that if you’ve never heard of such a claim before, and if it’s coming from some unknown person, you can dismiss it with ease.

@DominikaPL How did you stumble across this website in the first place ?

It would be far more useful if you were to specify what “evidence” or arguments is upsetting you so that people can respond to it. One can’t really address an argument if they don’t know what the argument is.

Welcome to Catholic Answers Forums, Dominika! We’re glad that you’ve found your way here and hope you’ll be here for a long, long time and that we can all grow together. :grinning:

You sound like a sincere Catholic young lady who very much wants to please God in the choices that you make, and that is good! Your Guardian Angel and Our Lady obviously teamed up to warn you that something about this site was off-kilter, just plain not what you’ve always been taught. How fortunate you are that you didn’t fall for the wild claims on that site!

You’ve told us that you struggle with OCD, and it’s so good that you recognize that because many people don’t understand that about themselves. God knows your heart, Dominika . . . He knows that inside, where it counts, you have a beautiful heart and try your best to be perfect for Him so that you can receive the Holy Eucharist with an unblemished soul and a clear conscience, and spend eternity with Him in heaven. No way is that stupid!

But because we’re human, we can’t possibly be perfect; we just need to trust Jesus more than we do. When we’re young, if we think that we must be perfect, it’s easy to think that every little venial sin is a lot more major than it is, that we’ve ruined our chance for heaven, and then the panic makes us feel sick. But that doesn’t mean we’re stupid, Dominika. It just means that we love Jesus so very much and don’t want to offend Him. It also means that we keep forgetting that our souls are wiped clean when we go to Confession—completely clean, with no stain whatsoever remaining!

Talk to your priest, Dominika. He can help you beat this OCD! Meanwhile, pat yourself on the back for seeing through that ugly website and letting us know that it’s out there. :innocent:

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Ignore such crackpots.

This will shock you.

Satan appeared to Padre Pio as Mother Mary, and Jesus.

Imagine a vision of Mary, but it’s Satan in disguise. That’s how powerful he is.

But when he left, Pio would feel a deep sadness and not joy. This is how he would recognize that it was Satan pretending to be divine.

Beware the crap out there on the internet, my friend.

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There’s also a website called Mary’s Ark of Salvation, as if Mary is a redeemer.

The Church condemned this organization and the so-called “Marian Visionary” in Korea.

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