Upside Cross Fashion, doesn't this disturb anyone else?

From, what I’ve been seeing lately the upside down cross is becoming part of fashion. A lot of kids at my school are wearing stuff like that and even some music artists I’ve seen have used the upside cross on album artwork and so on.

Here are some examples:,0,190,246.jpg

Does this bother anyone else? :confused: I’m aware of the whole “St. Peter” usage but the modern usage is used to disrespect Christ and Christianity.

I find it very disturbing

It is a symbol of St. Peter, who is crucified downwards and Just like Pope JPII in Mt. Beatitudes in Israel, on his chair, there was an upside down cross, seen everyone by THE PUBLIC because he is a succesor of Peter. We can use upside down crosses IN REMEMBERING PETER or having an intention to deceipt the Petrine Cross BUT if you wear this just only for fashion or else to DECEIPT SATAN, it is bad…:slight_smile:

My friend was wearing those and I just told her it was the symbol of St. Peter.

The upside down cross can be used to represent Satanic worship but I wanted to distract them going there.

Yes it does bother me but they are not aware of what it signifies.

Yes, it is VERY disturbing to see children wearing this, I can see that they just wear it not only to remeember Peter but just to follow the crowds (fashion).

Was not aware this was the new fashion statement.

Its times like these that I’m glad my daughter’s public school has a dress code.

It is ORIGINALLY the symbol of Peter but Sadly, the satanists adopted it.
Do you see in the Vatican, there was an upside down cross? It is because it is the Symbol of Peter and protestants accuse us all of being Satanic.

I always thought the satanists used an upside-down crucifix, not a plain cross.

Well, it seems like the cross has been appropriated by society to be a generic fashion meme, just as Christian holidays have been appropriated as generic days of celebration. z

So it’s not surprising if society does whatever it pleases with it, as fashion always wants to be new and different.

There’s a possibility that some use it as a statement against Christianity, which is very dark indeed :frowning:

As for symbolizing St. Peter…well, I know we’re supposed to assume the best, but unless the wearer is a considerably knowledgeable Catholic, then I doubt they have a clue about that.

It is a symbol of s. Peter, of course. Then again, this is an ancient symbol of good luck in Hinduism and Buddhism :shrug: Those clothes clearly intend to portray an anti-christian symbolism, in my view.

P.s.: the second one says at the bottom: “Believe in yourself!” That is explicitly anti-Christian, as taught in the Catechism, #675:

The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.

That is the case but the upside down cross is just a symbol of this. They use upside down crosses in black masses. It is wrong they are wearing these clothes and the intention is to be a symbol of satan, not of St. Peter. Though it is good to mention it is truly St. Peter’s symbol.

If I knew someone wearing this, I don’t think I’d get too disturbed before asking them whether they meant anything by it and, if anything, what. I’m working toward giving other people’s actions the benefit of the doubt.

Considering I didn’t know until a few years ago that it represented St. Peter (learned it here on CAF, I think), I thought it was strictly a satanic symbol, I highly doubt the kids wearing it are doing so to honor St. Peter. I don’t think I could give them “the benefit of the doubt”. LIke most anti-Christians and Atheists nowadays, they’re probably trying to be obnoxious and get a rise out of us. (Even now that I know it represents Peter, it still creeps me out when I see it on the Pope’s chair. “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Amityville Horror” ruined that for me! Ugh! :mad:)

In Christ,

The Pope’s chair is a crucifix of St. Peter though. In Satanist rituals it would be of Christ upside down. They are two very different symbols.

I thought it was just a plain (inverted) cross on the Pope’s chair? How would one tell the difference between St. Peter and Jesus anyway, unless it was a color representation (Peter is “old” and Christ was in his early 30s), wouldn’t it just be a man on a cross? I know it’s not Satanic, but the image of it still creeps me out. Like I said, I blame the horror movies I should have never been allowed to watch when I was little!

In Christ,

I wore St. Peter’s cross as a kid. :shrug:

Even if the wearer of the symbol leaned toward a darker understanding than being a symbol of Peter, it is their right to chose what religious symbol they wear…if “satanic”, that is their right under the 1st Ammendment.

So under the 1st Amendment I can establish and practice a religion that commands me to hate my neighbor and to have human sacrifices or other highly immoral practices during our gatherings?

I think you are missing the point that the Founding Fathers were trying to make.

It’s not about doing whatever we want without giving a damn about what others think. It’s more about a government not repressing its people’s legitimate freedoms. Some things we are simply not free to do, period.

Yes, some horror movies use the upside down crosses to symbolize satan but the real meaning is St. Peter. According to Wikipedia,
The Cross of St. Peter or Petrine Cross is an inverted Latin cross traditionally used as a Christian symbol, but in recent times also used widely as an anti-Christian symbol (a meaning which is not valid with respect to traditional conventions of Christian symbolism). The origin of the symbol comes from the Catholic tradition that Simon Peter was crucified upside down, as told by Origen of Alexandria. The tradition first appears in the “Martyrdom of Peter”, a fragmented text found in, but possibly predating, the apocryphal Acts of Peter, which was written no later than 200 A.D. It is believed that Peter requested this form of crucifixion as he felt he was unworthy to be crucified in the same manner that Jesus died. As such, some Catholics use this cross as a symbol of humility and unworthiness in comparison to Jesus.

According to Roman Catholicism, the Pope is Peter’s successor as Bishop of Rome. Therefore the Papacy is often represented by symbols that are also used to represent Peter — one example being the Keys of Heaven, another the Petrine Cross. During Pope John Paul II’s visit to Israel, he sat on a chair with the Cross of Peter cut into the back. The inverted cross is also one of the traditional symbols used by Petrine Orthodox Sebomenoi. The Cross of St. Peter has sometimes become associated with anti-religious imagery, as it is used to represent the opposite of Christianity by inverting its primary symbol, the Latin Cross. As a result, the symbol has become popular within anti-religion groups and among some extreme metal musicians, notably black metal groups. In films such as Rosemary’s Baby, Exorcist: The Beginning, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Ghost, The Devil Inside, Paranormal Activity, Constantine and The Omen, inverted crosses are often displayed to represent Satan.

In Catholicism, the Petrine Cross is not seen as Satanic. The distinction between a Cross of Peter and upturned Crucifix is sometimes obscured, leading to confusion about the acceptability of each symbol. This was seen when controversy arose over the aforementioned Papal visit to Israel; pictures of Pope John Paul II sitting before a Petrine Cross were widely circulated on the Internet in an attempt to prove that the Catholic Church is associated with Satanism and the Antichrist.

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