Upside down Pictures


Sometimes, when i see pictures of Jesus, or Mary, or a saint etc., and their pictures are upside down, (like in they are stacked), I feel the need to turn them over because I see it disrespectful. I know it would not be a sin if I didn’t correct the images’ position, but if I don’t I feel like I’m just leaving any of them behind. Or, I used to do this or care more, but, say if a saint is covering a picture of Jesus, i would order the pictures in order of importance. I think i still do this for respect. Like Jesus first, Mary second, etc. or, I feel that I have to capitalize the word ‘Catholic’ the ‘Church’ and holy names. Where do I draw the line?


Do you also make sure that if you have a stack of books that nothing is on top of the bible too?

because I do that. I don’t know why, but I do.

It’s not a sin to not do these things, it’s definitely neurotic, but don’t worry about it :grinning:


Yes I do! Thanks


These are also acts (actions) of faith. Icons should be treated with respect because the Holy Spirit touched them when you prayed in front of them. I am EO. We are encouraged to show respect and be careful with objects of worship. From what I know the CC teaches the same.


Just looking at your three threads, do you have OCD? (Mild or otherwise.) I’m just wondering since you might consider talking to a priest to see if you have scrupulous inclinations.


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