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** This alert was issued by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) on Friday, September 22, 2006, at 6 PM EDT. Please forward this alert to all appropriate lists. For further updates, visit the Legislative Action Center at the NRLC website, or send e-mail to Legfederal@aol.com.

**Congress to revisit parental notification legislation during final week before adjournment
WASHINGTON (Sept. 22, 2006) – Pro-life forces are prepared to make a final push for enactment of legislation to curb the evasion of state parental notification and consent laws, which has been stalled by Senate Democrats since late July.

The renewed activity will come during the week of September 25 – the final week before Congress adjourns, on September 29 or September 30, for pre-election campaigning.

The Senate and House have passed two different versions of parental notification legislation: the Senate’s Child Custody Protection Act (S. 403) and the House’s Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (CIANA, pronounced “SEE-anna”) (H.R. 748). In late July, the Senate Democratic leadership raised an extraordinary procedural obstacle to prevent a House-Senate conference committee from meeting to produce a final combination version of these bills. To read a detailed account of the obstructionism by Senate Democrats, click here.

On Tuesday, September 26, the House will take up S. 403, with the likely result of replacing its Senate-approved text with new language (a “substitute amendment”) that reflects the best provisions of both the Senate and House bills.

The provisions of this final version of the legislation are summarized below.



Let’s pray to the Archangels on this, their Feast Day, to help bring about a wonderful Pro-Life victory in this country :thumbsup: I’m off to say my St. Michael’s Chaplet!


Thank you for this, this is such an important issue!

Do you have a pro life rosary?




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