Urgent last minute prayer request!


Please pray for a friend in the seventh hour of brain surgery. They thought they missed the facial nerve successfully and found out when they were pulling the tumor out they didn’t. Anyone who reads this please pray that he still has a good outcome!!


Oh my gosh, thats terrible. My thoughts and prayers are with him! Please do update when you can!


I am praying!




Praying for your friend.


Thank you all!! Still no word yet, but thank you. I always like to think that if I ask her to my grandmother says the rosary with me from heaven, as it was rarely out her hands on earth. She said one with me earlier today for him. This evening I finally thought to look up the patron saint of tumors to see if there were any prayers. St. Rita is the patron saint of tumors. St. Rita is my grandmother’s middle name. I like “noncoincidences” like that.


I will certainly pray for your friend




Thanks all! He’s out of surgery and stable. The facial nerve was bruised but spared, thanks to everyone who prayed and and God for hearing them!


Wonderful news!


Thank God!


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