URGENT: LF good church in Las Vegas


Hi all,

I’m leaving on a business trip Saturday to Las Vegas. I don’t have a lot of time to research parishes in the area for Mass on Sunday so I’m appealing to anyone living in that area for advice on good (obedient) churches and ones to avoid. I did a quick search and the first one I checked seemed to be very loose, inviting all “baptised Christians” to join in the Eucharistic celebration. I read no further and decided to appeal to people here.

I am a Latin rite Catholic that adheres to the teachings of the Vatican and desires a very holy, sacred Mass without a lot of the goofiness that goes on in many parishes (i.e. rock bands, puppet shows, rubric violations, et al).

I hope someone can point me to a good, solid, unadulterated Catholic Mass for Sunday.

Peace in Christ



There is a Byzantine Catholic and an Italo-Greek Catholic church in Las Vegas.

Go to byzantines.net or byzantinecatholic.org to find them.





Cluny, thanks for those recommendations.

JessicaCeleste, I have a list of the parishes in Las Vegas. What I’m looking for is firsthand recommendations of which ones are more orthodox/traditional and not full of irregularities and rubric violations. If you know of any good ones please let me know.

Thanks and God bless!



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