Urgent: mother has days to live...can you help!

My husband, who is a believer but not a Catholic, is going to visit his dying mother who has als and he needs advice. His mother can no longer communicate or recognize anyone. She is not a believer. He wants to know what can be done, if anything, for her for her salvation? Can a Catholic priest do anything? She must likely cannot participate in any way, spiritually or physically.this all came I relatively quickly. She lives in a foreign country and he will be leaving in a couple of days. We hope he makes it in time…please, any advice would be most freely appreciated.

Dear Karen,

First of all, pray for her now and after she dies. If she has followed her conscience in her life and tried to live in a virtuous way, the Lord will have mercy on her–even for the sins she has committed. Evidently, she never chose to be baptized when she was well–probably because she didn’t understand its value. A priest could baptize her. Even her son can baptize her. But under the circumstances, prayer for her is the most appropriate thing.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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