URGENT: Need car shipped


We are in Houston, TX for my breast cancer plus pregnancy (21 weeks w/ a baby girl). We drove down from Owensboro, KY (about 870 miles). The transmission fell out of my 2003 PT Cruiser & we need to get it home. We may have an “Angel Flight” for us, but the vehicle needs to be transported home. We can’t get it fixed here and drive it back b/c the time doesn’t work out. I’m heading back home to start chemotherapy and need to be home for my 17 month old son as well. My husband runs his own business - auto repair - and can fix the vehicle when we get it home. If ANYONE has ANY connections, options (besides Google searching for auto transport - been there done that), we would truly appreciate it!

Even if all you can offer is prayers & an occasional ‘bump’ to get this situation resolved, PLEASE do so! I really appreicate it! Thank you & God bless!


First thought - rent a U-haul with a car tow trailer and drive back in that…


Call the auto dealership CarMax, they should have one down there, they transport vehicles all over the US, from what I understand from a friend that works there is they just notify a dispatch and then carriers bid on loads.

You can also contact a moving company.


Well, we’ve got the car situation resolved. The U-haul option wasn’t going to work out b/c there weren’t any trucks available that could do what we need. Very few car shipping places want to ship a car that won’t run. However, we did get someone to ship it for about $625 to our house.

Now our problem is getting US home. There are 3 of us. My husband is terrified of planes, but we’re in consideration for an Angel Flight, but we don’t know. We’re afraid to book a flight b/c we don’t know when we can leave & if we can get the Angel Flight. We’re somewhat afraid to rent a car b/c its supposed to be pouring & storming the whole trip home. Plus its also difficult to get a one-way car rental - even through a national company like Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, or Budget. So we need prayers and advice on people moving!!!


Have you checked with Amtrak?


Would a car rental place have something similar to an angel flight? Just curious. Prayers being said…



Sorry this is unrelated to what you need help with but what is an angel flight?

I will pray for you to find a solution though!


They do run Houston to 5 stations in Kentucky, I checked Louisville - tickets.amtrak.com




When do you need to get home?

I am in Evansville, IN.

If we can do some kind of chain, I might be able to take the final leg. It would have to be on the WE, though.


Biology Brain - have you talked to the St Vincent De Paul, Catholic charities and the Parishes in Houston? Your Catholic family in Houston is the first place to go for help :slight_smile: Do not be embarrassed to call them.


That’s really nice! I’ve never heard of that.


We finally broke down & doped my husband up & took a flight out of Houston to Nashville. My dad & son met us at the airport at about 930 & we continued our journey homeward in my dad’s car! We finally arrived around midnight 7/22 - 7/23!

Angel Flight didn’t work out b/c they don’t take pregnant women after 20 weeks. They also don’t take any high risk pregnancies & mine is considered high risk b/c of the cancer now. There are two other flight programs out there available (my mom has some information).

We didn’t think to check w/ the Churches in the area. We’ll definitely keep that in mind!

Thanks for all the prayers & thoughts! I really think the only reason I’m doing as well as I am (emotionally) is b/c of the prayer support I’m getting from people like you guys! Thank you SO MUCH!


I really hope and pray everything works out for you and your baby. I’m a six year, stage 3 cancer survivor and I’ll tell you this, God will give you the grace to get through this, enough for two. Tim


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