Urgent need for husband to get a job! Please pray!



I am asking for prayers for my husband, Paul to find a job. He is currently working a contract job that will end in August. We have no insurance & no job security. We have two children ages 10 & 11. The lease on our house will be up in August. We are in a tough situation with not a lot of money put back. We live in a very small town ( with little/no job opportunities) & would like to relocate, but need a company willing to help pay for relocation. My husband worked two jobs & returned to college & graduated in Dec. with a BS in computer science. He just needs a break. We have been praying & all our family/ friends are praying. We need God to please answer our prayers. I think I am even more stressed because school will be starting & I want my children to be settled. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for my family.

Thank you!


Praying …




I know exactly how you feel. My DH was relocated to CO, well long story, feel free to PM me if you’d like to chat ever…by the way, your username is my sis in law’s nickname, so I won’t forget ya!!

God Bless!!!**


You and your family are in my prayers.


Dear Kiki,

I’ll add you and your husband to the Mass intentions at my parish.

Meanwhile, try what Fr. John Corapi tried when all else failed. say,

  • “Immaculate heart of Mary,
    I place my whole trust in you.”*
    At least 100 times per day from now until August. Tell your husband (and maybe your children) to do the same.

Have you tried Priests for Life?

Ministry on the Priests for Life staff. With locations in New York, Washington DC, and Amarillo, TX, Priests for Life is hiring full-time staff to assist its numerous projects in defense of life. Information available at priestsforlife.org/jobs/ .

EWTN Empoyment Opportunities?
Click Currently open positions

Catholic Answers Employments Opportunities?

Or (Secular) Dice Advisor?

Government Jobs? USAJobs

I understand these might not do any good, but then again… I hope these help, or at least provide some encouragement.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


I’ll pray for her husband. :gopray:


Prayers for Kiki and Paul - for employment opportunities to be available, for financial security, for peace of mind and comfort for your anxieties. May St. Joseph, protector of families, intercede and guide and care for all of you. God Bless.


Prayers, especially to St Joseph, patron of workers.




Kiki, I’ll pray to St. Joseph the Worker that your husband finds work.:gopray:


I’m praying for your husband. Like him, I’m also looking for work. Well,hopefully I’ll get one this week, as I am waiting for the job offer from the company I applied to.




Thank you all so much for your prayers! I really appreciate them!



I will ask St Joseph to pray for you, as well…I have been talking to him a lot lately too for my husband. You’re in my prayers.


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