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I have completed my 27 days Novena Petition Prayer and entered into the next 27days of Thanks Giving Prayer. Today is 28th day. I was praying in the order of Joyful, Light, Sorrowful and Glorious. On 27th day i ended with Sorrowful and the next day ie., on 28th day it should be actually Joyful but by mistake i prayed Glorious. Iam worried, shall i pray again Joyful today and continue with the same order. Please let me know , this is very urgent. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


Dear Anu,

I don’t believe that God will “mind” that you did not pray the Rosary exactly as it is suggested. A prayer is a prayer. Also, you may want to include the Luminous Mysteries. God loves and hears ALL prayers. Don’t worry. All is well.




Mom4truth is right. I heard a priest speaking about this once. Someone asked the priest about the mysteries and the days we should say them. He said the same thing don’t get obsessed by this because God sees your heart.


Thanks for the replies,

I was very worried as iam new to christainity.

Thanks again


Dear Anu,

I’m so glad your mind is at ease! Take care and we all love you!



Don’t worry about that! As long as you prayed well and meditated on the mysteries, it should be fine. The only thing God counts is hairs on your head :wink:


Agreeing with all that has been said…there is nothing at all to be concerned about. God bless you!..Regards - Barb:)





Congrats on being a Christian!! We love having you here and hope all goes well. The only important thing about prayer is “JUST DO IT”!!


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