URGENT: Please Pray for John D

Friends, please, please pray for John D. He is a wonderful, loving father (soon to be grandfather), husband and friend who is suffering from congestive heart failure. He’s had various surgeries over the past few years to correct his heart problems. While for the most part they have been successful, he has been re-admitted to hosptial several times. This last time admission to hospital is the most dire yet.

He is truly a wonderful man and needs our prayers.

Thank you and God Bless you all,

Offering my Chaplet of Divine Mercy today for his recovery :signofcross:

Thank you so, so much, CatholicSam! I will keep you in my prayers.


I will say my Rosary tonight for John D. Please keep us updated.

Prayers for John D.


Saint John of God, after a sinful life, through the power of God’s holy Word you learned to love your fellow human beings. Self-sacrificing, you founded the Society of Hospital Brothers. No wonder the Church made you the patron of patients and nurses. That is why we confidently have recourse to you. Please give assistance to John D, and teach us to be kind like you. Amen.

Dear Elizabeth…will keep John D. in daily prayer with St. Rita

Thank you so very much MSParrott for saying a rosary for John and I am very touched, Indyann, pyropam, **Linda Marie **and Barbara Therese, that you all are keeping in him your prayers.

The physicians have removed a great deal of fluid from his chest, so he is resting more comfortably. I hope that with rest, medication and, above all, prayer that he will rally and recover.

Keeping you all in my daily prayers,


Thank you for your own prayers for us…

I just prayed for John D and you as a family. Keep looking up to heaven. I pray that his heart will strenghten and that he will live to see his grandchildren grow and to continue to be a great father and husband.

Praying for John…

Thank you mahleh, Barbara Therese, cgirl4ever and Sapphire for you kind and generous prayers!

Praying for John D.


I will be praying for John D.

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