Urgent Prayer Need: Father leaves 23 mo old half naked in snow to freeze to death


I made the same prayer request in the prayer intentions thread, but thought this forum would be appropriate, too.

This is so horrifying, I am sick, physically sick. I keep picturing what happened to this poor baby, and am trying very hard to pray for her father. Please, please, please, pray for all affected by this horrible tragedy, and please join me in asking our Lord to not let this baby’s unimaginable suffering in her last moments be for nothing. I love God, but I wish He would draw the line, this hurts too much.




Wow, my prayers for the father, the soul of the child and all affected by this tragedy. Stories like this are why I no longer make a habit of watching the news - the headlines tell me all I need or want to know.


I hate stories like this. But saying Hail Mary’s for the protection of innocent children is a good way to let out your sadness.


How horrible.

I can pray for that sweet baby girl - and I can pray for her Mother… but I CANNOT pray for her father. I just can’t. My faith is not so great to be able to pray for someone who could beat a baby and toss her outside in the freezing cold like a pile of trash & then climb back into his warm bed while she wanders around in her diaper and baby barefeet until she freezes to death.

May he rot in hell.

I am sorry. It is how I feel.


I can’t pray for him either Carol Marie. I just can’t. My faith is strong enough to believe he can be saved but my brain doesn’t want him to be. Wow. I need to go to confession for that one.


OK, so I’ve thought about this, and I know I should never hope this for someone. If God can forgive my sins, He most certainly can forgive this man’s - even though I cannot.

It just makes me so very sad. It is my hope that as soon as he put her outside & shut the door, the angels came, picked her up and comforted her until she died. I cannot bear the thought of her being alone in the cold.

May God have mercy on us all.


Well said! I totally agree with you.


Dear Lord Jesus, please rain down your Mercy on the father of this little baby girl. Give him the grace of conversion and bring him to You in Heaven one day. We know You will grieve the loss of his soul if he continues this path and goes to Hell. And we know that if this man was the only man in existence, You still would have come down and died for him. For this we pray, Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, especially this man, now and at the hour of our death. Amen!!!

It doesn’t matter how we feel. We don’t have to feel warm and fuzzy about someone in order to pray for them. Feelings don’t mean much to God :slight_smile:


I, too, have prayed that she died in the arms of her angel, maybe even Mary. It’s the only thing I have that keeps me from totally losing it over the futility of her incomprehensible suffering. I cling to that hope.

I went to her funeral to pay my respects, even though I am a complete stranger. I needed to see her, to offer my respects. A very sweet, Christian co-worker went with me (thank goodness, she drove, I was a mess). I can’t tell you how I have agonized over this little girl’s suffering. Her pointless, pointless suffering, and that of her mother, whose moans I heard in that church that day. They are burned forever in my memory. Even though my only connection with this little girl is from having learned of her sorrowful end through the news, her suffering and death have been so painful for me, I feel like I lost a child of my own. I’ve spoken to her in prayer, and apologized to her, and told her I would have done anything to help her if I could have. I swear to you, in my heart, I heard her say, “Pray for my daddy.” THAT is what I can do for HER. And I pray for her poor, poor, poor mother, who will live with a kind of guilt and sorrow that, God willing, none of us will ever know. That’s how I started praying for him, by doing it for her, Nyia. I’ve promised her I will never forget her, by praying for her father and mother. It’s the only thing I can do. I can’t make it right, I can’t go back in time and save her and hold her and take care of her, but I can do something much harder, to pray for her father. This, I know, is what she wants, so I do it for her. Maybe one day I will be able to do it for his sake, out of charity for him, and not just for her. Praying for her father is the ONLY thing, I’m convinced, that will keep her incomprehensible suffering and death from having been in vain. So please, if you can’t do it out of Christian love for him, do it out of respect for her, and our Savior, in Whose arms she now rests, close to His Sacred Heart.

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