Urgent Prayer Request


Our youngest granddaughter (3 yr.) broke her leg just below her hip while jumping on a trampoline and is now in a body cast. Now in her 6th week no healing from CAT scan, two more weeks before surgery if no progress.:frowning:

Her Mother our oldest daughter, no her 7th month of pregnancy is now in hospital with pre delivery contractions.:frowning: Her OB/GYN administering steriod injection to baby in womb to help develope his lungs. When she is discharged she will be confined to total bed rest. Not only does she have her youngest in a body cast but has two older boys both younger than 7 years. Her husband in military, active duty.

Please remember this family in your intercessory prayers and at Mass.


Praying very hard for them!


Fritz, I do hope that family live near her and are able to help her and the children through all.

Jesus the stress of her little girl’s injury and slow healing, along with the natural liveliness of her boys, and the absense of her husband is surely a great stress to this mother, when she needs peace and rest. Please give her much support, and alleviate her anxiety in her already vulnerable state.
Please have compassion on this family and please ensure practical support for this mother.


I’ll include your entire family in my rosary tonight. Best wishes.


Praying for you family…


I will be praying for this family!


Lord Jesus, I lift up this family to you in prayer. The children need your healing touch, both in the womb and out. Protect this family from harm while their father is on duty. Keep their mother healthy and strong to care for her children. In Jesus name, I pray. Mother Mary, please pray for this family.


Prayers promised


Still praying for this family!


Praying for both of them.


Praying for this family.


praying. Wow, that’s a lot to happen to one family!!


Update, Monday January 12th

Thank you all :slight_smile: for your reply’s and espically your prayers :D.

My wife and I are at home in Kennesaw(North Atlanta), Georgia. Our oldest daughter and her family are living in a suburb north of Galveston and 20 minutes southeast of Houston; outside the waterfront city of Kema. This was the area where Hurricane Ike came across. So we are 14 hours away if we drive. And trying to find ‘bargain’ airline prices are not as easy as the advertisements lead you to believe in this economic time.

Our oldest daughter and undelivered baby are now at their home confined to total bed rest. Her Mother in law(her husband’s Mother) is now there.

The OB/GYN is shooting for sometime in February, hopefully toward the end of the month, for delivery. The steroid injections to the baby in the womb again are to help with development of the lungs. The good news is the baby did turn and will not be a “C” section as originally diagnosed.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers :thumbsup:



I thank God for the help He has given, and ask Him to continue to take care of mother and child, and the family


Praying for this family…


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