Urgent prayer request


Hi all. I’m breaking my Lenten fast from these forums because I have a friend in need of prayers right now. She’s going to the hospital with pains in her chest and difficulty breathing. They think it may be a heart attack. She’s scared and so am I. Please pray for her.


Absolutely. She’s in my prayers and so are you.
God bless.


Prayers going up right now.





She’s in my prayers :gopray:


Prayers for your friend.


I pray that Jesus will comfort her fears. He said more than once, “Do not be afraid.”

Deacon Tony


Im praying for you and your friend!


I am including you all in my prayers.


Dear Friend

Your friend, you and both of your families are in my prayers

God Bless you all and much love and peace to you and those you love



Thank you all so very much. It turned out that it wasn’t a heart attack, but pleuracy (an inflammation of the lining in the lungs). Still not a good condition, but they said it wasn’t life-threatening and gave her some medication and said it would just have to heal on its own (in about 1-2 weeks). Praise God!! :bowdown:

Alright, barring any more emergencies, I’ll see you guys at the end of Lent. Thanks again to everyone who prayed for us.


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