Urgent prayers for 8 year-old


:gopray2: I just got told that our 8 year-old niece was rushed to the hospital.

She was complaining of a headache this morning and some time later she just passed-out.
That is all I know at this time.

Please keep her in your prayers.:gopray2:


Praying for your niece.


:gopray: :signofcross:


Praying for your niece & family…


Sending up prayers!



I’ll be sure to post an update when I know more…

Thanks for all the prayers


In prayer for your niece!

~~ the phoenix


I will pray for yor 8 year old.:gopray2:


I just got word from my FIL that our niece was released from the hospital.

Right now, I don’t know exactly what happen or why she was there to begin with…

The only thing I know is that she earlier this morning she was complaining of a headache and at some point later she passed-out.

I’m hoping to here from my BIL or SIL soon to find out exactly what the Dr had to say in regards to what happen this morning.

Thank-you all for your prayers
God Bless.



BIL and his wife are separated.
BIL daughter, our niece, lives with her mother. (BIL soon to be ex)

Our niece was sent home this afternoon because the Drs couldn’t find anything wrong with her. All they know is that she said she had a headache and passed-out for about 30-40 seconds. To my knowledge the only thing they did was some blood work and some observation. Drs said they couldn’t find anything wrong so they sent her home with mom.

This upset our BIL. According to him, he picked his daughter up for dinner the other night and saw a bruise on the side of her head. He asked her about it and according to our niece it happen at school…. Something about playing and a gate etc… The reason BIL is upset is because his ex, our niece’s mother, failed to tell the Drs about the bruise and what happen at school…

I as a mother am a little concern that our nieces mother didn’t tell the Drs about what happen at school. Especially because our niece was there because of a headache and passing out.

To be honest the first 2 things that popped into my head when I heard the news was:

  1. Head trauma or
  2. Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

So our niece is home with her mother, and everything right now seems okay.

However, I believe that our niece still needs prayers.

Thank-you all for the prayers…

Please keep BIL, our Niece and our Niece’s mother in your prayers.
Things have been tuff for them and I’m sure that it’s now only going to get tougher.


Praying for your niece. :signofcross:


Prayers for your niece :crossrc: Hope it’s nothing serious - did the doctors not see the bruise on the side of her head? :hmmm:


:crossrc: :highprayer:


To my knowledge the answer to the question is no…

Everyone thanks, again, for the prayers.


She will be in my prayers…:gopray:



Praying for your niece and her health.

I highly recommend a scan as these symptoms seem to indicate head trauma as you mentioned. May her medical team be guided by God’s hands.







Please Lord, have her Guardian Angel do the angel thing.:angel1:


That’s a cute prayer!

I will pray that she is completely healthy. If it happens again, they should insist on a brain scan, imho.

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