Urgent prayers for my nephew


Please pray for my nephew. He is such a lost little boy. His father and step mother do not want him anymore. My brother is considering kicking him out and he’s only 14! His mother has not bothered with him for a year until recently. He is getting into all sorts of trouble and noone cares enough to ask why. Please pray that God will show my brother and SIL how to forgive and that they learn how to love him.
Please pray for God’s protection over this boy. Thankyou


Prayers ;gopray2:


Praying for him. :gopray:


Mary and Joseph, earthly parents to our dear Savior, and heavenly family, please pray with us for this young boy and his parents. Pray that this young man may see the errors of his way before catastrophe hits. Strengthen the will of his parents to re-engage with their son. Pray that their hearts and minds will again be centered on our dear lord and savior

Through the goodness of Christ our Lord…Amen


Thank you for sharing your request. I will keep him in my prayers.












:gopray: :bible1: :heart: :knight1: [size=]Praying for him, my heart goes out to him.[/size] :gopray2: :crossrc: :nun1: :highprayer:


My prayers and my heart go out to him, his family and to you.


Your nephew is in my prayers.


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