Urgent Prayers needed For Nellie And Roxanne!


My sister just sent this to me in an email.

Dear Family, Friends and Prayer Warriors,
I just got a call from a friend of mine, Nellie. Her daughter Roxanne is pregnant with her first baby. Please pray for Roxanne and her baby. Roxanne is in Galveston hospital right now with toxemia. They are going to have to deliver her baby and it’s not due till March. Please pray for healing for her and safe and healthy delivery of her baby. She has waited SO long for this baby! Nellie and her family spend HOURS in Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament! Please pass on to other prayer chains and lists. Thank you and God Bless!


Jesus we ask You to surround Roxanna and her baby with Your love and protection. This little baby is so young and needs Your miraculous aid in order to flourish in the event of such an early delivery. Please help both Roxanne and the baby to recover.

I wish you and your husband a happy and blessed Christmas. Thank you for asking our prayers for this mother and her baby. May God hear and grant all the prayers in your heart.


:gopray: Praying.


Oh my dear friend. How awful this is to read on Christmas morning. Please God …your child needs your help. Please heal her in this difficult time and bring her new baby safely into this earthly world. Please heal both Nellie and Roxanne and surround them with Your healing powers, Your love and the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit. Let them be blessed this Christmas…Amen.
I am keeping them in my prayers. Diane


May Our Lady sustain Roxanne through the delivery of this tiny child, and may the Child Jesus befriend the litttle one through the fight to survive and flourish.


Praying very hard for them!


Georgia please let us know, when you can, how Roxanna and her baby are. They remain in my prayers.

I hope you’re enjoying a very happy Christmas Day today


Praying for Roxanne, baby and family…


Keeping Nellie and Roxanne in my prayers. Please let us know how they are doing. My heart is full of prayer for them.


Praying for Roxanne, her baby and the rest of her family…


I got this in an email from my sister.

Here’s an update about Roxanne and her baby:

  • She delivered a little boy yesterday (Dec. 27th). He was 12" long and weighed 1lb and (?)oz. His name is David. both mom and baby are doing good. Please keep up the prayers for this family and most especially for little David. Thank you and God Bless!*


How sad. Praise God that baby is safely in this world. Will pray he gets good and strong and mother gets well.


Our baby is due in March so we know what she is going through. May God present the miracle of life which is a gift to us all.


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