Urgent Question about Fasting


I’m planning on fasting today (Good Friday) for the first time ever, and I need to make sure that my understanding of how to do so is correct. Any thoughts you might have are welcome. :slight_smile:

My understanding is that, while fasting, one may partake of a full meal – that is, even a “sumptuous” (newadvent.org) feast – once during a fast, and preferably as close to noon as possible. I also understand that one may also partake of a “collation” a couple of times – which I take to mean a small snack, say for breakfast and at normal supper time.

Am I more or less correct?



Sounds right around to what is recommended. Also keep in mind if you have any health concerns, it’s more important to eat prudently, and can disregard the fast, or need a lot of calories cause of need of labor/work eat what you need.

Thing is guidelines are needed – to guide, but what is more important is the spirit that you do it with. Keep your day and your fast in a prayer.


I believe that the full meal is to be a “normal” meal.


can a normal meal count as going out to a buffet?
i ate a salad, a whole bunch of fruit and maccaroni and cheese. all together, three plates…
i do heavy lifting all day and didn’t eat during that so i think i’m okay…


From Paenitemini:



  1. The law of fasting allows only one full meal a day, but does not prohibit taking some food in the morning and evening, observing—as far as quantity and quality are concerned—approved local custom.


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