Urgent question to jehovah witnesses. please reply!


dear friends:

where it is writen or where did you guys get this idea:

1.-the pope is the antichrist.
2.-Jesus is not God.
3.-Jesus did not die in the cross.
please explain that to me but with the bible, i want bible verses. (you can also use any christian bible except a witness bible)


JW’s have their own translation of the bible. I use the term translation loosley here, because all they diid was take the King James Version and change certain verses to support their theology, so their “bibles” actually support what they teach. :frowning:


i have found 2 jehovah witnesses forums and both said the same in the forum, here is one:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Discussion Board is provided primarily for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

While non-Witnesses will likely register to use the Discussion Board, anyone promoting an apostasy from the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses will promptly have their account revoked and possibly be banned from the entire site.

While the Discussion Board deals with controversial issues concerning the Watchtower Society, the goal here is not to convince Jehovah’s Witnesses to leave their local Kingdom Hall, but to encourage and build-up one another in preparation for the unseen twists and turns in the road ahead. We recognize that some of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been unjustly disfellowshipped because of questioning certain of the Watchtower’s teachings, such as the 1914 doctrine. Others among Jehovah’s Witnesses are discouraged and stumbled over the Watchtower-NGO scandal with the United Nations and the child abuse issues raised by Silentlambs. We welcome all to the Discussion Board and hope that the Paradise Café might offer each some measure of encouragement and hope.

here is the site : e-jehovahs-witnesses.com/



You might want to take a look at my website:


Let me know if you have any questions after looking at the information there.

Jeff Schwehm
Fellowship of Catholic Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses


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