US Air Force Academy removes scripture from students door

Uh oh…

A bit of a stir, with overtones of religious freedom and freedom of speech, at the US Air Force Academy:

Interesting. They have such a HUGE chapel there (it has Christian, Catholic, Jewish, and a few other chapels there) and it is in the center of everything… you’d think that’d say something about the academy.

The problem is that there is some history here. The AF Academy has had problems in the past with more senior people proselytizing juniors and pressuring them to participate in religious functions. As a result, they are very sensitive to those kinds of things - maybe too sensitive.

So does everybody have one of these whiteboards on which they can write? If that’s the case, he should be able to write whatever is important to him.

Yes, everyone has one on his/her door.

TMC, yes, you are correct, and Mikey Weinstein has written a book about and been a leader of a group to suppress (especially Evangelical) Christianity at USAFA.

I guess one of the main objections the “powers” had was that the scripture was written on the door of one of the cadet squadron leaders, and they felt there would be pressure on a younger cadet? I’m really not at all sure I buy that. Certainly, by the time these young people reach this level of academics and military life, they’ve run into a lot more religion than a quote from Galatians.

Exactly. The AF academy has been overrun by extremist fundamentalist Protestants for a number of years now.

You have to be a Christian by the fundamentalist definition, and Catholics don’t qualify according to that very specific definition. :frowning:

Andrewstx, I would not say that evangelicals “overrun” the Academy now, though there may have been that impression in the past.

The Catholic Chapel, Catholic Cadet Choir are doing well, and there are several masses on Sundays which are all packed. There is rosary every morning and most nights, and lots of cadets attend daily mass (at 5:30 a.m.!).

Even so, the quoting of scripture is not limited to fundy/evangelical protestants.


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