US Air Force Chaplain?


I came from an Air Force family, attend catholic masses on an Air Force Base,a and my sincere wish to become a catholic chaplain in the Air Force.

I also have wanted, since I was little, to go to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Does anyone know of a way to do both?


You can do both but the best thing is to talk to a catholic priest in the AF. I learned that a seminarian we are sponsoring attended the USAFA and is now in the Seminary. Once he finishes and is ordained a priest, he goes on AD with the USAF to complete his military commitment.


Our Priest used to be a Sea Farers Chaplin and enjoyed it

all the best wishes with your journey. Speak to your priest because he can help you and may well need to provide some kind of reference for you anyway at some point so talk to him first.


Graduate from high school with top grades, get an appointment to the Air Force Academy, serve your enlistment time; when you get out, go to the seminary and after you are ordained a priest, ask your bishop for permission to go back to the Air Force as a chaplain. There is a priest in my diocese who is an Air Force Chaplain in the active reserves; something like that may work out for you too.


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