US Anglicans join Kenyan Church

US Anglicans join Kenyan Church

The two men are the latest in a string of defections
Kenya’s Anglican Church has consecrated two US bishops in a move likely to deepen a bitter row over homosexuality.
Bill Murdoch, of Massachusetts, and Bill Atwood, of Texas, will be answerable to the Kenyan Church, although they will serve in the US.

They left the US branch of the Anglican Church - the Episcopal Church - after it consecrated an openly gay bishop.

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This is all very convoluted. Now, there are people who were made Anglican bishops by Anglican bishops from Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, and South East Asia in the US and Canada claiming to be the true links to “orthodox” Anglicanism, while none is recognized by Canterbury, although the people who made them are.

Anglicanism doesn’t seem to be falling apart. It seems to be flying apart.



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