US anti-abortion activists rally in DC


From BBC News.



Vice-President Mike Pence told them: “Life is winning again in America”


FWIW, this march was covered on MSNBC, particularly Mike Pence’s speech to the pro-life activists.


This was so fantastic - I actually cried a little bit when I saw the photo of all the people. I am very proud of America for this right now. (made me feel lazy) Talk about being a beacon of light.







What a contrast between the pro-lifers and the pro-choice people. Everyone in the pro-life group are smiling and happy, while the pro-murder crowd seemed unhappy and angry.



I watched the youtube video of speeches at the March for Life, it brought me such joy to see and hear that, and especially Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence, Eric Metaxas and many others speaking and making appearances, and to know it has the support of both President Trump of the United States of America and much of his administration.

God Bless You and God Bless America (I never thought as an Australian I would ever say that, but given the turn of events, I really take my hat off to the US and I wish you every success, it certainly wouldn’t have been the same if the election turned out differently though).

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I think it’s great that there was coverage this year.

My only sticking point is that people need to be apolitical. The frequency of people using Trump’s slogan was disturbing. There are many of us that did not vote for Trump (third party pro-life candidate) and are waiting to see what he does before deciding if he is a good president. So far, one move to help unborn babies overseas (good). One move to help big business when he opened up public lands (national forests) to fracking and oil (bad). Plus, a pending humanitarian disaster south of the border, if he pushes his agenda through regarding tariffs (bad).


That’s my concern too. I have no reason to dislike Pence, but I winced when I heard the speech. Campaign season is over, and it isn’t wise to align the issue so strongly with Trump, or conservatism. Democrats will show zero willingness to dialogue if it goes that direction, as was made known to me quite personally last week. Stick to the issue.


NFL’s Ben Watson in the March for Life: ‘Life Is Important to Me’ – The Issue ‘Gets Swept Under the Rug’

“Oh, well, life is important to me,” Watson replied, “and other than that obviously it’s something I’ve committed my life to is fighting for justice, to standing for truth, to fighting for life.”

“I’ve never been here before to the March but when I was invited to come it was kind of a no-brainer for me to come and support,” he said.

Well stated, Sir. :thumbsup:


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