US Army let down dead NFL Star

US army officials withheld information about the death of NFL star turned soldier Pat Tillman, a US military investigation has reportedly found.
Tillman died in Afghanistan in 2004 and for weeks afterwards US army officials said he was killed by enemy fire.

But army chiefs knew he had in fact been shot by fellow US troops, a report carried by the Washington Post says.

The truth about his death was concealed and evidence, such as his uniform, destroyed, the military report claimed.

What do you guys make of this? I know you wont like me posting this story, but do you think the army should have told the truth about Mr. Tillman? Do you think it shows how the administration manipulate information about the war?

Friendly fire happens, but it probably shouldn’t be covered up. Media would have had a witch hunt right away anyhow.

Why don’t they exhume the body and check the wounds, or were all the bullets removed? You would be able to tell if they were M-16 rounds, or something else.

He was apparently in a kill zone; he didn’t know any passwords or they were not used, and to top it off, he throws a grenade. Ok, it was a smoke grenade, but still used to cover movement of possible enemy combatants.

The soldiers can’t always wait to make a 100% ID check, if there is probable cause to think it was an enemy, you shoot. There is no such thing as shoot to stop, or wound. It is always center mass.

I don’t agree with cover ups. I think that the parents are grieving and they are very angry. His brother was also a Ranger I believe and I wonder what he thinks. I will let the family to sort it out as they have every right.

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