US atheists, agnostics less 'racist' than religious people according to survey

Thought this was interesting. Does it ring true to US Catholics?

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I think as long as racism gets thrown at anyone that disagrees with anyone else the term has lost all meaning.


As an American who literally has popcorn in hand…


The test is faulty because the questions themselves don’t have anything to do with resentment. It is also made up of just four questions so…


No, but some people’s minds are all made up and I’m not gonna virtue-signal like a trained seal.


I don’t know I minored in stats, it’s been years though. Some problems

  1. Atheist and Agnostics are not divided by race, so the survey doesn’t account for people of color who took the survey who are atheist and agnostic.
  2. It’s a survey, so you may answer it with the desired answer although you yourself don’t believe in it. This would happen among Atheist and Agnostics who are aware and know to be critical of certain views, although they hold those views.
    3). Doesn’t look at regional circumstances and exposure to other races ie religious folk are different in a Blue State vs a Red State.
  3. It’s not deductive or predictive or even searches for that ie it can’t predict with any reliability whether if someone tells you they are atheist or religious, then will with a certain percent of accuracy be racist.

Yes, there are racists everywhere. I’m not going to give racists the power of dictating my Faith. The world racists occupy and my personal Faith or relationship with God are incompatible. I pray for their redemption and forgiveness and hope they don’t harm anyone in the process. Again, I think goes without saying that racists are everywhere, I’ve met plenty of racist atheist.

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It’s funny, in a certain country in South America they have the expression “Aplaudiendo como focas” Clapping like seals. Typically speaking of the followers of the totalitarian regime in power in that country.


Regardless of the accuracy of the survey, Christianity teaches its followers to love their neighbor. So maybe more people need to go to Church.


Wasn’t it Mark Twain who said, “There are three kinds of lies. . .Lies, Damned lies, and Statistics?”


Maybe there’s something to this, but I’m not convinced. There are so many other things about a person that could be just as important to the results as if they believe in God: how they react to conflict, their culture, age, empathy levels, diversity within their community, ability to enage in big picture thinking and so much more.

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This was how racial resentment was measured by the researcher whose work was the basis for the article:



The Religion News Service takes its seat of dishonor next to the National Catholic Reporter (Fishwrap) and the Tablet (Bitter Pill).

We need a cute name to deride RNS. The Irreligious Fake News Disservice? The Wannabe Fishwrap? Social Justice Jihadis for Jesus?


Sadly, a very vocal and very visible portion of those followers get that message backwards: that religion is little else than a convenient excuse to hate and persecute one’s neighbor.

Sadder still, they are not limited to Evangelicalism, but can found in our own Church, as well. Makes for horribly bad PR that is driving away young people in droves.

Without solving this problem of public perception, the Church, and Christianity as a whole, will waste away in this country, as it already has in Western Europe.

That is what keeps me up at night.


Why are they visible?

Do they make themselves visible?

Does the media delight in portraying these voices while downplaying the regular believers (because everybody loves somebody else’s hypocrisy)?


Just more “Religion is Bad and Hypocritical” bias from the media. I also am having trouble believing that the OP posted this in good faith.


Smartest thing the man ever said.


I think the survey questions are simplistic. I’m currently reading White Fragility and highly recommend that you do, as well.

Racism carries such a stigma and taboo that people in the traditionally I’m-not-racist camp - including progressives and atheists/agnostics - do a poor job of recognizing their own internal biases. Yep, the author is actually pretty hard on us progressives. She calls for more humility in this regard and less self-righteousness.

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They’re not even survey questions! There is not a single question mark in the whole text posted by @ATraveller. Loaded “questions” and slanted language led to a predetermined outcome.


What on earth do you mean?

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Whatever you call them, the survey designers seem to have a poor understanding of racism. We associated with the kind of thing that just shows up at your front door in a white hood. But it’s actually quiet - sometimes subconscious and ignorant, sometimes resentful and passive-aggressive.

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