US Attorney General to Classify Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Americans as Terrorists and Be Authorized to Setup "Emergency Centers"

It seems like we are getting more and more like Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy everyday. Now, in a bill put forward in the House of Representatives by a disgraced Florida judge turned Democratic Congressman, the Attorney General will be able to determine who is a domestic terrorists and also be authorized to setup “emergency centers” (can anyone say ‘concentration camp’) to house under armed guard certain American citizens.

Our country is becoming a disgusting one, murdering the innocent in the womb and now it seems like the Democrats want a reincarnation of the Spanish Inquisition!

The Nazi and Fascist regmes were precursors to what may be the final battle between good and evil: Obama’s socialism.

The “emergency center” bill can be read here:

This bill relates to the preparation of emergency temporary housing for citizens displaced by disasters or terrorist attacks. I see nothing about detaining citizens under “armed guard”.

What about Section 2.b.4? Just a tad too vague, especially after Napolitano’s ‘right-wing extremism’ paper.

This I agree with.

Pro-lifers need to stop worrying and start trusting in God.

Hm, I realize that Obama is the most dangerous communist nazi liberal muslim since Ivan the Terrible and Genghis Khan but I don’t quite see how somebody introducing an amendment that appears to be about allowing the Armed Forces to turn down political extremists and a piece of legislation allowing the Government to set up resource/housing centers in the event of catastrophes really adds up to the end of civilization as we know it.

Hey, but what would I know?

Obama doesn’t have that much spiritual significance.

Except for the fact that neither Ivan the Terrible nor Obama are Muslims.

But hey, what do facts matter in the face of raving paranoia?

The latter is always much more fun.

I think it might be possible that Ivan IV wasn’t actually a paid up member of the NSDAP but how can one be sure?

But hey, what do facts matter in the face of raving paranoia?

The latter is always much more fun.

Especially as the user’s dosage has to be upped pretty frequently to keep the ‘high’ going.

It all depends on who determines what a political extremist is. The Deutsches Reich was only defending the nation from the extremist Jews that were attempting to destroy the nation - if you allow yourself to only believe the “official” government version.

Actually, no it didn’t. It had nothing to do with ‘extremist’ Jews, just Jews qua Jews.

Das dritte Reich - the third Reich - (‘Deutsches Reich’ is a title, like ‘United States of America’ on a postage stamp or official document - you’d say ‘das deutsche Reich’ as you would ‘the United States’, except that would include the Second Empire which ended after the First World War, hence the ‘Nazi Reich’ was ‘dritte’ ie ‘third’) wasn’t bothered about whether Jews were extremists or not.

Obviously, given that Obama is the greatest threat to human existence ever, immediate recourse has to be made to the example of the very, very naughty (socialist, liberal, communist) Nazi era but the fact is that it wasn’t about Jewish extremists. We were all a virus, each and every one of us.

I think SamH was being sarcastic about the “extremist” part, perhaps comparing the Nazi’s view of Jews to the Democrat’s view of Catholics, Pro-Lifers, Pro-Second Amendment Rights, etc.

Remember that, at first, the Nazi concentration camps were not being used against Jews and they were not death camps at first, but instead were used mostly to house dissidents like Communists early on. It was not until later that they entered the ‘death camp’ phase and the Holocaust and such.

How far a throw is it from “emergency centers” to something else?

I expect not.

How far a throw is it from “emergency centers” to something else?

If Obama was to be reported to have had toast for breakfast, there would be a thread on CAF saying ‘Obama attacks the cereal and dairy industries’, if pillows were bought for the ‘emergency centers’ there would be a thread ‘Obama plots to smother foes’.

What some might see as complacency would be balanced by others considering that the former really should take Alex Jones ‘Prison Planet’ et al with enormous pinches of salt.

Well, I am merely pointing out–and I should note I got the link to this article from Fish Eaters–a possible future concern. Remember, who would have ever though, prior to ‘modern times’ that abortion-on-demand would not only be legal, but viewed as a supreme human right? Who would have thought, prior to the past couple of years, that major American industries would be quasi-nationalized?

Well, when I got my ZOG membership card, they told me all about it and when it would happen - this was confirmed at the last Bilderberg Group meeting I attended and it was in the secret minutes of the Council on Foreign Relations a couple of years ago.

Yeah, but did you get the Secret Decoder Ring as well?


Things like these have been talked about for a while now and nothing has ever become of it for a very good reason…
“I want to state unequivocally that I believe that it is not the intent of this Congress to label pro-lifers, federalism proponents, and pro-immigration enforcement groups and their affiliates as extremists under the bill. My colleagues on the other side of the aisle should make a strong effort to assuage these concerns and make our intentions clear. If the intent of this amendment is to go after citizens because of their political views and moral convictions, then the amendment is unconstitutional.” (Rep. Franks)

The thing is that the media is playing tricks on us and we usually find some other things going on that are far more important while everybody’s attention is focused on this red herring…
We will still have some time before anything like this will be put into practice, but I am pretty sure that this will happen looking at the direction the country is moving in.

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