US-backed forces launch operation on last IS-held pocket in Syria


HASSAKEH (Kurdistan 24) - The Kurdish-led, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US-led international coalition on Tuesday announced the start of their operation on the last remaining town held the Islamic State (IS) in eastern Syria on the Euphrates River.

“The operation is the last major SDF ground offensive in the MERV (Middle Euphrates Valley) to liberate the citizens from the brutal rule [of ISIS]” they have endured “over the past four years,” Army Col. Sean Ryan, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, told Kurdistan 24.

“The Coalition will continue to support and promote regional stability to ensure the conditions which gave rise to ISIS never return,” he added.


Hopefully, they’ll be taken out soon. One wonders what will happen then. Will Assad, Iran and Putin take on the Kurds after they finish massacring civilians in Idlib?

Great news!


Gosh, everyone I hate to say this… but ISIS ambushed a bunch of our Kurd/Arab SDF (Syrian Democratic (or Defense, I forget now)Forces) and killed 20, this just happened. I found out in the last hour.

News from that Syrian Human Rights Observatory, so, we only have their word on this. It’s a fairly good reporting outfit however, used by many of the major news agencies.

Middle East Eye and a number of other outlets are helpful to follow the war over there.

This is bad news but all we can do is move on, I think the story says there was a bit of a dust storm in the area.

I will say, I will not blame the regime in Syria; but I do think there is room for speculation to wonder about some things that happen. I don’t think WE, the forces we back with our airforce and logistics and some on the ground assistance have suffered a loss like this in quite a while.


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