US backs federal system in Iraq: Biden


Had Biden come out with this about 5 years ago, I would actually have supported the idea.

From AFP,

Vice President Joe Biden said the United States would back a federal system in Iraq, as he pressed for unity in the sharply divided country amid a growing terror threat.

Writing in a Washington Post opinion piece, publised Friday, Biden said the United States was ready to “further enhance” its support of Iraq’s fight against the Islamic State, and would urge its international partners to do so as well.

Biden warned that the deep sectarian divisions and political mistrust had “sapped the strength” of Iraqi security forces and strengthened militants like IS, which has seized a swath of the country and neighboring Syria.

He pointed to “functioning federalism” as an approach to breach the divisions in Iraq. Biden is a longtime supporter of the plan under which Iraq would be divided into three semi-autonomous regions for Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, respectively.

The reason I say I would have supported this is because the way the boundaries for Iraq, Syria, Trans-Jordan, etc., were drawn up was totally arbitrary in the wake of the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire after World War I. It would have made far more sense to create borders that somewhat aligned with ethnicity and dominant religion rather than how they were created.

Because of how they were created, the only powers that could maintain civil order were strongmen who maintained order through terror.

Having said that, his solution is not applicable as a resolution for the current situation…and, again, shows the Obama Regime’s cognitive dissonance when it comes to dealing with matters of religion. While it very well may be a long-term strategy that would ultimately work in maintaining long-term stability, it does not address the current strategic threat.

The current threat is based upon an interpretation of the Koran that mandates the creation of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate. The first goal is the establishment of that Caliphate in Iraq and throughout the Levant (which includes Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan). Then they will want to expand to include the areas under the Ottoman Caliphate. Then they will want to retake all the areas that were once part of the Abbasid and Umayyad Caliphates (which will include Persia, North Africa, and Hispania). And then they will want to expand from there (if for no other reason, to “protect” the Ummah who are living in Kafir lands)

Sadly, the Obama Regime is waaaaaaaay too tone deaf to comprehend this. If Biden’s suggestion is put in place right now, all it will do is destabilize the area and make it easier for this Islamic movement to consolidate power.

Again, though, don’t get me wrong. In the long term, once this threat is eliminated (IF this threat is eliminated), it probably would be a good idea. But Old Joe’s sense of timing never has been the greatest.


Biden did come out with this 5 years ago. This has been something he has been pushing even as a Senator. I think if you do a search here you will see threads on it. He proposed in 2006 a plan that would see Iraq divided into three semi-independent regions for Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.

Here is another article from today:

Today, it may be the only viable plan if you want to keep the current national boarders. The problems with it remain though. The Sunnis end up with a region with little to no natural resources and fully dependent upon the Kurds and Shiites for survival. Of course it all depends on where you draw the boundaries between the regions.

Mark, I have to run, but I will read your post later.


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