US Bishop Change: El Paso, Texas

This morning the Holy See announced the decision of Pope Francis to name Bishop Mark Joseph Seitz as Bishop of El Paso, Texas, USA.

The diocese had been vacant since Bishop Armando Xavier Ochoa was named Bishop of Fresno, California in December 2011.

Bishop Seitz had been serving as Auxiliary Bishop of Dallas, Texas.

Congrats, El Paso! :slight_smile:

Wonderful!!! Praise be to God

Wonderful choice. Bishop Seitz was my pastor from 2003 to 2010. As a pastor, he implemented a weekly Holy Hour, started a bi-lingual Mass, gave a boost to the parish Respect Life Committee, and even did a little housecleaning at our parish that awakened several “one hour” Catholics and “buffet” Catholics.

El Obispo Seitz hablar espanol bueno. That will also be a big help en El Paso.

Gracias Papa Francis I.

I belong to now bishop Seitz diocese, here in Dallas. I spoke to my priest about him and he had nothing but the upmost respect for bishop Seitz.

El Paso I hope you guys the best with your new bishop.

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