US Bishop Change: Gaylord and Newark

This morning the Holy See announced the decision of Pope Francis to name Archbishop-designate Bernard Anthony Hebda as Coadjutor Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Archbishop-designate Hebda had been serving as Bishop of Gaylord, Michigan.

Archbishop John Joseph Myers remains the Archbishop of Newark, but Archbishop-designate Hebda will automatically succeed him upon his retirement or death.

Hm… I am not sure I have heard of coadjutors being named in the USA for quite a while. It is out of the ordinary.

I’m not too sure about that. +Mahony was replaced by his coadjutor. I believe that happened in Minneapolis and Seattle as well.

+Vasa in was named as an coadjutor of Santa Rosa CA not that long ago.

And recently, +Flores (aux of Orange) was named as coadjutor of San Diego

And it’s a loss for Gaylord. +Hebda was a real blessing. We’re not in his diocese, but he spoke at two parish events. Great speaker.

I take it this is a pretty standard move for cases where a “senior” archbishop is nearing retirement? It’s not necessarily, e.g., a reflection on Abp. Myers?

It also happened in Houston (though that was back in 2006). Seven years might be “quite a while” for some, it’s “just yesterday” in terms of the life of the Church :slight_smile:

And another Pittsburgh priest elevated. Yeah!! Congratulations to Father Bernie as most of us here in Pittsburgh knew him.

Present U.S. Bishops from Pittsburgh.

Cardinal Dinardo - Houston
Cardinal Wuerl - Washington D.C.
Cardinal O’Malley - Boston (Capuchin - Province of St. Augustine - Pittsburgh)
Bishop Burns - Juneau
Bishop Tobin - Providence
Bishop Bradley - Kalamazoo
Bishop Hebda -Gaylord (Archbishop designate Newark)

And of Course

Bishop Zubik - Pittsburgh

and to add

Cardinal Maida -Detroit (retired)
Archbishop Bevilacqua - Philadelphia (recently deceased)

And Houston, where (now) Cardinal DiNardo was coadjutor for AB Fiorenza before taking over upon Fiorenza’s retirement.

Very likely not, although I think Card. George, while a new bishop, was sent to some northwestern diocese and was given deep control over several of the diocese’s activities by JPII when the bishop (“real” bishop) had had failings…

This was a big surprise…heard it on Baraga Broadcasting this morning. We will miss Bishop Hebda…he is a wonderful bishop. Hope we don’t have to wait too long for someone new to step in. No one has replaced Bishop Sample in Michigan’s UP yet, as far as I know…and he’s been gone quite awhile.

I have been praying almost daily for a new bishop for the Diocese of Rochester (NY). Rochester has been vacant for over a year, but I pray that the selection is going slow in order to find the right “fit”.

Rochester (NY) needs some help, and I pray that someone who is not afraid to make waves is appointed there. I’m wondering if Pope Francis I is waiting until the end of October, since Bishop Hubbard of the Diocese of Albany (NY) turns 75 then. If so, my perception and intuition says that there may be two bishops appointed on the day Hubbard’s resignation is accepted - one bishop for Albany and one bishop for Rochester. Both these places need some help, and a strong leader, since Hubbard and Clark were both recommended by Jadot.

Closer to home, I’m praying for a new bishop of Fort Worth. Bishop Vann did a great job there, so whoever becomes the bishop there will have big shoes to fill (I’m praying specifically that two priests I knew in college are being considered, but we won’t know until the announcement). Bishop Vann entered a hornet’s nest in California, but I’m confident Bishop Vann can do the housecleaning in the Diocese of Orange, since he did some housecleaning in Fort Worth.

There are quite a few other dioceses that are vacant. Portland, Maine has been vacant longer than either Rochester or Fort Worth, and the Diocese of Harrisburg (PA) is still vacant. Harrisburg was where Bishop McFadden died suddenly this summer (July 2013). I pray that Fr. John Trigilio will become the next bishop of Harrisburg, but then again, we won’t know who it is until Pope Francis I makes the announcement.

It happened in Cincinnati, too, back in 2008.

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