US Bishop Changes: New Orleans and Austin

This morning the Vatican announced the retirement of Archbishop Alfred Clifton Hughes and Archbishop-designate Gregory Michael Aymond was named Archbishop of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Archbishop-designate Aymond had been serving as the Bishop of Austin, Texas.

Bishop Aymond is a native New Orleanian (grew up in Gentilly) and graduated from Cor Jesu High School. He has a very tough “row to hoe” in following Abp. Hughes. The archdiocese is reeling not only from Katrina but also from many of the decisions Abp. Hughes made in the aftermath of Katrina. The archdiocese needs an archbishop who is financially savy, yes, but who is first and foremost a shepherd to his flock and a shepherd who understands how very important tradtion is to that flock.

Bishop Aymond is my Bishop. He is a fine outstanding Bishop.

I say Hurrah for Bishop Gregory Aymond.

May God guide and protect all of our Bishops.

Bibshop Aymond used to be the rector of the seminary in New Orleans (-Notre Dame Semianry). Reviews of his ‘pastoral’ emphasis are mixed.

It is interesting to note that during the ordination of 5 priests last week he asked them for their obedience to him and his successors and then he started snickering! :D:D:D

This is as bad as a normal company, changing supervisor after 6 days on the job! :D:D:D

I was there and I do not recall him snickering. Maybe I missed it, though.
Just to clarify so that no one misinterprets, though, you were not implying that he was snickering at the idea of obedience but rather at the “successors” part since he already knew he was leaving, right?

Anyway, I’m sad to see him go. He was a good bishop, an excellent homilist, and great for vocations. He ordained 5 last week and there will be six ordained next year. And in addition, he did announce at that mass that 12 more candidates would be entering seminary this coming year for a total of 47 (actually, I’ve since heard that it will be more since some weren’t finally accepted until after that mass). All the seminarians I’ve met (all solid, orthodox Catholic men) absolutely love him.

Changing tacks slightly, does anyone have any speculation on who might replace him?

I seriously doubt that he would never snicker for this kind of reasons or any reason during Mass. I was making it up as a joke about the successor and that is why I used the :D:D:D. I hope that nobody really took my joke as a serious comment.

(He’s mine too.)

I can think of a few priests in the diocese of Austin that would be fine candidates.

We should know in the next 6 to 18 months (i.e., the usual time frame).

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