US Bishop Tyler makes a public statement relating to the recent US election



Glad he’s not my bishop.


Article titles in my diocesan paper repel me. I refuse to read.
Bishop Strickland is a brave soul…praying for him.


How is he brave? I’m sure %80 of Tyler voted for Trump.

Speaking out against Biden :slight_smile:

Especially with some of the other bishops :sweat_smile:

Trump’s base is in the millions. Strickland faces an easy audience with attacks on Biden. Just look around CAF.

You have Bishops like Chaput and Cardinals like Burke. . . .

Probably half of the Bishops were Trump supporters.

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Using language lie “attack” is rather problematic. As a US citizen he is entitled to free speech. As a bishop, he is entitled to speak out with regard to how any issue, whether seen as ‘political’ or not, affects Catholic teaching.

And it is a solid fact that the Democratic platform supports and has pledged to codify abortion ‘on demand’ through the entire 9 months of pregnancy as a ‘right’. This is in total opposition to Catholic teaching of the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death.

What is the bishop supposed to do? Meekly fall in line claiming, “Well the ‘elect’ supports abortion BUT he’s into all these other green social teachings so yay, welcome?”

I can just imagine if the Democrat platform supported taxing Church property that somehow there wouldn’t be such an outpouring of support. It comes down to money, honey, and as long as people’s $$ is considered to be more ‘secure’ under the Democrats, it doesn’t matter that they support abortion, sodomy, euthanasia, and ‘gender ideologies’. Unfortunately too many US bishops have become accustomed to their nice comfy salaries, discretionary incomes, and ‘good living’.


My posts were in response to the statement that Strickland was being “brave” in his attacks on Biden.

I responded that a high majority of his diocese were likely Trump supporters and that the right is well represented in the hierarchy.

And that’s the “Democratic” party.

Ditto. I notice there is no where he can point to where the USCCB supported Biden, which they did not. Where is the value of truth?

The USCCB spoke of basic human dignity and rights and this bishop says they and PP speak in unison. That’s more than a a bit worrying.

This is the same bishop who publicly backed Fr. Altman when Fr. Altman’s own bishop was telling him to knock it off with the political stuff.

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So can anyone show where the USCCB backed Biden? Or was this a lie?

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And? The truth is the truth :slight_smile:

There is also historical precedence for it.

From what I’ve seen it was a conspiracy that was cooked up by certain online media outlets who weren’t happy with the fact that the USCCB didn’t explicitly say a Catholic can’t in good conscience vote in favor of the Democrats.

But, also from what I’ve seen, the USCCB was pretty explicit that the right-to-life was still the preeminent issue.


Yes, some bishops refuse to water down the evil of abortion. Abortion is an intrinsic evil, and it is infallibly a grave sin. Good for Bishop Strickland!


Now that is not what he said.

He said

in support of a Biden-Harris administration that supports the slaughter of innocents by abortion for all 9 months of pregnancy

There is a difference between backing a candidate and supporting an administration that plans to expand abortion.

Was this support intended by the bishops? I guess it depends on how much one knows the intent of the bishops. The bishop would know more than the rest of us.


So where did he speak in support of Biden, to split hairs?

I suggest you ask the Bishop for clarification. No one here will know why he chose to say this specifically. We can have some ideas and opinions, but they are just that.

Ask the Bishop.

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The message can be picked apart but that is not the issue here. You said

was this a lie

Strong words for something the Bishop did not say.

Hope so.

I’m glad he did support Fr. Altman. Fr. Altman was far from being the only priest to bravely speak out on the moral issues in this last election. Very brave.
Also as a side note, he said in an interview it was the Vicar for Clergy who spoke with him originally in a friendly conversation, about the video. The bishop was just the one who put out a press release regarding the video.

Very well said.!!

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