US bishop who was a refugee defends Trump’s travel ban


Bishop Bawai Soro said he and most of his fellow Iraqi refugees were happy to wait years to reach America

An Iraqi-American bishop has defended attempts by President Donald Trump to introduce a travel ban on refugees.

Chaldean Catholic Bishop Bawai Soro, based in El Cajon, California, who arrived in the US as a refugee more than 40 years ago, said in an article for the San Diego Tribune that coming to America was not a right but a privilege.


It makes sense to properly vet all immigrants. Our country’s inherent kindness is mistaken globally for weakness, and as practiced by Obama, it was weakness.


European clergy also voice their concerns.

Brave souls.


9/11 was five years in the planning. We have had 8 years now of lax to almost non-existent immigration vetting. If radical Islam has changed, it is for the worse. We need to brace ourselves for a possible 9/12.


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