US bishops: 'great concern' about upcoming executive order on 'sexual orientation,' 'gender identity' [CWN]

Four bishops who chair committees or subcommittees of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have expressed “great concern” about President Barack Obama’s upcoming executive …


Seeing what is happening to our country and that we have in essence a president who knows the in’s and out’s of the Constitution, having a PhD in it, he is deliberately using the Constitution to change our country.

We live in a divided country where Americans do not trust each other and this also happening in our military, where over 200 top military leaders have been pulled out and they cannot trust each other.

I think we need to have a massive prayer and penance campaign across all beliefs to pray that evil and corruption in this country will be defeated.

This is really not surprising. I think Catholic Vote published something on Facebook the other day about this and how it’s yet another attack on our religious freedom.

One would have to be concerned about any executive order the President signs.

Between an imperial judiciary and an imperial presidency, we may find our freedoms evaporating like the morning dew.

The bishops’ statement is accurate. Of course, no one believes in unjust discrimination, but how will this executive order change definitions of realities? We’ve already seen the bastardization of “marriage” in the specious name of “equality.” We’ve also already seen bait-and-switch lingo in the portrayal of business owners as bigoted against a group of persons for refusing to participate in certain homosexual ceremonies (i.e. when a photographer or florist refuses a client’s business not because of the client’s sexual preferences, but for the particular ceremony in which the client attempted to force the business to collaborate.)

I agree. President Obama seems to like making executive orders that are not good for our nation.

I would disagree. If he was deliberately using the Constitution, he would be doing almost none of the things he has done. What he is doing is deliberately ignoringand I believe intentionally defying the Constitution.


Thanks for clarifying.

As he is a supposed scholar of the Constitution, I do believe he has been preparing for this position for some time, and in transferring the wealth and to remake America. I live by a residential housing unit that was created for foreign born Muslims and a few others from Hispanic countries. I see foreign born workers in postal offices when we have 92 million Americans out of work.

I don’t have time now…going out the door soon, but a liberal professor in California stated the open borders with all these children coming through, along with all sorts, and middle class people training foreign born people to take their IT jobs, he is thinking some kind of society re education is coming our way so we will have a different country.

Problem is that so many who come from agrarian societies take generations to live in more complex cultures.

I heard a commentator say it will take 40 years to undo all the Far Left legislation this administration has done. And he has his own advisers outside of Congress. Saw his character when he suddenly came out into public. Never trusted him. I do not see him animated by Christianity either.

BTW, I heard on EWTN radio yesterday that ‘Salon’ was criticized by liberals for its promotion of transgender orientation by requesting that doctors when birthing babies, not ID their gender.

Along side gay marriage it is now up for polygamy. Next transgender. Then the taboo of age will be crossed…and we will have legalized pedophilia.

We must pray very much, do alot of penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament as often as we can.

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